Fitness & beauty mania!!

I woke up late on a sunday morning as usual…I got up & looked into the mirror….& like I always do…I started critising myself for being plump.. In the afternoon,as I switched on the television, I saw the ultimate size zero kareena kapoor sizzling away…
& my inferiority complex increased double fold..!!! I tried finding the solution to my ‘big fat’ problem by asking my friends.some said, “try the gym..It really helps” yeah…I said to myself,,I sure would try the gym,I would definitely go there, if & when my mom would give me the money (which she would never, she knows I am never regular at anything…) & if & when I would get a few hours apart from my college & studies…( which is next to I have heavy hours of academics)…so I neatly cancelled out the option if going to a gym… I asked still some of my friends…and they said “chill yaar,,why are u so worried?” I said to myself,,of course,why am I worried,I am going to be the next miss universe,aren’t I?? LOL….hehehe.. I tried out many new ideas & stuff..after all,being slim is the latest mantra, or is being fit the latest mantra?? Hold on,hold on what exactly is the difference between being thin & being fit?? U people may know the answer, but me, I was a bit slow understanding that!! Finally it dawned to me that being fit includes not only physical but also mental & emotional fitness, I understood that I should keep a watch on my behaviour also… Anyway….after a lot of self analysis & reading & stuff, I came to the conclusion that what matters the most in life is to be happy & to make others happy…because although it may sound a bit clichéd, the truth is that real beauty lies within us & no matter how many layers of make-up we apply & how many new branded clothes we wear, nothing is more important than a smile…just a smile makes things so much more easier & life so much more beautiful… again…the question arises that even though all these above words may be true, isn’t it important to excercise & workout regularly??? my answer to this question would be,yes it is definitely important to workout or do any sort of physical excercise because it rejuvinates our body & keeps obesity, heart & cholesterol diseases at bay….we all should definitely watch our lifestyles & keep a check on our daily routines…. I guess the trick to stay fit & beautiful is to do all the efforts you can, but at the same time be mentally relaxed & happy…the key is to smile, be content & remember that there’s nobody in the world like you….!!!!!!!! At last I understood that I may be silly…but atleast I am unique…& my friends,,so are you..!!!$BlogItemPermalinkURL$%3E

2 thoughts on “Fitness & beauty mania!!

  1. u can be a gud writer…nice yaar…one advice..only eat wen u r hungry not bcoz its time 2 eat…eat less fried items(ghee,etc)…well i lost 12 kilos in last 3 months..


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