mobile mantra…!!!!

Yesterday night at 12 am, a beep on my cell phone indicated that I had recieved a text message…it read “hiee,hw r u?wht r u doin?rep soon” well obviously at such an hour, I usually am getting ready to sleep..but still I replied..”m fine wht abt u?i ws readin,wht u doin?”
now, I wasn’t actually reading anything,my eyelids were drooping & so I was about to sleep, but just a text message by a friend on my Samsung mobile phone & there!!! I was wide awake ready to chat away!! As you people might have experienced, once we start chatting, its an never ending process, I finally slept at 2:30 am…. I was wondering, what is the reason that keeps me awake at night & engrossed in my cell phone in the day?? Is it excitement of chatting with a particular person, or is it the sheer pleasure of holding a high power,high technology device in my hand which connects me to so many people even if they are miles apart from me, or is it the fact that the ‘SMS packs’ designed by companies are getting cheaper by the day & I simply want to finish my “msg pack” by sending anything from silly shayaris to ultimate PJs to SMSes full of crap emotions……???? What is it that makes me think that I can’t really live without my cell phone??? I am still trying to figure out the answer, but my current guess is that the simplest of the reason is “communication”…maybe that’s the reason I carry my mobile around as if its a piece of treasure… I then suddenly remembered the line in my civics text book in school…”MAN IS A SOCIAL ANIMAL”… animals we are,I have remembered that through out my life till date,being first a biology & now a medical student….Its just that I couldn’t digest the word “social” I mean like, I am utterly confused… we human beings are so intelligent & geniuses to carry a device which fits into our hands into which a sim card smaller than a biscuit is inserted,& we are connected to the world in less than a minute.. on the other hand, we human beings are being obtuse by forgetting that it is we who created the device & we are not mere puppets & slaves of technology…. I was shocked the other day, to see a 6 year old boy saying to his parents, “why dont you give me a mobile like u have given my big brother?? then I can SMS you when I finish playing.” the “big” brother was apparently a 10 year old kid…imagine kids pressing their tiny fingers onto the mobile phones just because their mommy & daddy use it….where has all the innocence gone??? was it really there, I wonder……. true, that in today’s age,the necessity to communicate has increased to a great extent with so many new businesses,ventures & things coming up, people need the device for an instant connect & for many other reasons like listening to songs, surfing the internet & so on & so forth..People would call me crazy for crictising the usage of mobile phones & I don’t blame them, after all I myself use my cell phone & I love it… …BUT…when usage turns into addiction,life becomes hell my friends,,not only for the person addicted to the cell phone but also for the people around him or her,, the “mobile addict” forgets to talk with the people around him like his friends or family..& it really is a nuisance when the person u want to talk something important to, fiddles continuously with his mobile phone or keeps talking on it….I mean,,if we are social human beings then is the mobile phone more important than actual “real” human beings??? Isn’t it something to think about???? I am not saying that we ban mobile phones or something senseless like that..but we don’t want “deaddiction” centres for mobile phones,do we????? I guess our priority should be relations & mobiles are just a way of communicating & maintaining those relations…nothing more than that….(of course there are many other uses of a mobile phone…I’m not disagreeing)…but people are forgetting that the cell phone is just a definitely is a fantastic piece of technology…no doubt about that…but we human beings are much more fantastic….I see that many people are forgetting that..!!! Excuse me, I have to stop typing & cut short here,,, my cell phone just beeped!!! let me see who is it……..LOL! WARNING: to all my friends & friends of theirs & whomsoever who reads this..please keep your mobile phones away from your bodies as much as possible…it can prove to be a health hazard if you keep your mobile phones continuously in your jeans or shirt pockets..Beware!

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