A beginning..Jan Lokpal Bill

Its been years….Every one is complaining about how corrupt India is getting day by day… Even internationally, it is known that Indian bureaucracy is bad… Whether is the education department or the transport sector, corruption is rearing its ugly head every where….
At such a time the introduction of the Jan Lokpal Bill is a huge relief….

Over the years, we common people have been discussing, cribbing & crying at our country’s plight, there have been films,articles & news on corruption, on how difficult life is for an honest common Indian, but still our thick-skinned politicians have done nothing to improve themselves… 

Due to this, a general feeling of helplessness clouded over the common indians..All of us needed just a push, a reason, a support to come together against corruption in a concrete manner…. I guess the Bill is was the trigger point, it was all India needed to come together to fight against injustice…..
Anna Hazare is today’s Gandhi….I know some people out there think that he did all this for publicity,but the fact is he has been a social worker for years & striving hard for India since a long time… Whatever were his reasons for going on a fast, atleast he has had the courage to stand up & challenge the wrong…He has been an inspiration for the nation… We youth are India’s future & we all coming out on streets & protesting has shaken the government & make them take notice… time has come, my friends, to stand up for what we believe in, to take maximum advantage of democracy by voting good leaders…..

How effective will the Jan Lokpal Bill be, only time will tell…as of now, we cant be sure… But I guess, its proved to be a step taken in the right direction…..There’s still a long way to go, but if we all are united, nothing can stop us…jai hind.!!

* * * * Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji, the founder of Art of Living has shown his support for the Anti-corruption movement….my friends, do the art of living YES!+ course for youth, you’ll get all the energy & wisdom you need, to improve yourself & the nation…go for it…


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