The Monsoon Fest

                                                                                   Hey there everyone!! When we think of a festival very rarely do we think or co-relate it with monsoon!

So I am coming up with something new and different!
I am starting a three week monsoon fest on my blog.

The first week will feature Food! why?? Simply because any festival or celebration is incomplete without it!!

The second week will be about Fashion! why?? because fashion is an essential part of our lives!!

The third week will be all about ‘Feel’! now what is this?? this will feature some real life incidents and stories which will actually move you or make you ‘feel’

The Fashion and Feel segments apart from my articles, will also include opinions, photos and life stories of some pretty cool people around!

So let’s get the fest started!! Let the celebration begin!!

Gear up people!! The fest begins from tomorrow!!! 

Hope you all have lots of fun going through the stuff!!! 


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