Australian Diaries.. Part 1.

It was the month of September when my VISA for Australia was finalized.. I was finally getting a chance to visit and study for a month in another country..  couldn’t believe it then and still can’t believe even though I am already here.It goes like this,  after graduating this year as a physiotherapist, after spending days and nights on introspecting whether I should do a masters or not, whether I should do it in India or not, should I start working immediately or not I finally decided upon something.

I decided I didn’t want to do a masters.. But I definitely wanted to hone up my skills and add something more to my bachelor’r degree. So I started looking for courses which could help me do that.

I stumbled upon a course in Orthopedic Manual Therapy which was going to be conducted in Perth, Australia. After procrastinating a bit I decided to go for it.

I left for Australia on the 22nd of November.. and here I am!

It’s just been 5 days and I’ve  already had many experiences!!!

It’s the first time I have traveled abroad.. and that too alone.

So carrying 27 kgs of luggage from India to Australia was my very first challenge!!!

I landed in Perth and somehow managed to get to the place I am staying. I am sharing a house with 5 other people who are doing the same course as mine, 4 of them are Italian and 1 is an Indian like me.

On the very first day itself, we all gelled well with each other and became cordial roomies. They all are lovely people!

I immediately was and still am in awe of the wonderful house we are staying in! it really is so beautiful!

Corridor View of the house

The next question was how do I commute to and fro to the course venue which is Curtin University.

So after a discussion I finally got a bicycle along with my roomies to ride every day. By the way I was given a kid bicycle to ride on as it was the only one that suited my small height!! haha!! Australians are really very tall.. Gals n Guys alike!

Now I haven’t ridden a bicycle in the past 7 or 8 years so I am a bit out of practice here. Also I  am still having a bit of trouble finding my way from one place to another. All the roads look too similar and barring just a board there is nothing else to indicate which road is what!

Plus the population is so less that there is hardly ever anyone walking on the road to ask directions to and almost everything here closes early at 5 pm!

That apart, I think the weather here is quite pleasant though too cold sometimes and the nature here is so beautiful!! The people here are peaceful and polite and each corner of the city is well maintained!

and yes of course, I am having a wonderful time learning here that too with people all over the world from Japan, Italy, Cambodia, Canada, England and Korea and of course the Australians and the people from our India.

An Italian colleague wanted to learn the Indian Namaste! 🙂

So still here for 28 days more.. will catch up and let you all get a glimpse of the life here in my upcoming posts..

Till then,

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au revoir!!


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