Australian Diaries.. Part 3

Hii everyone… I’m back again! Let me take you through my journey up till today!

Last Friday, after a tiring week I went to a place called Victoria Park Hotel. It is an amazing place with live music, singing and playing. I danced a bit to it!

victoria park hotel

On Saturday I visited Penguin Island. In India you don’t really get to see penguins.. So I was really curious to go and see those cute little creatures!

As soon as I reached the shore.. I thought we would take a ferry to go to the island. But then we came to know that we could actually walk to the island through the water since in the morning the tide was not too high and it was shallower.

So thanks to my super- enthusiastic friends I walked along the pacific ocean with the water upto my thighs and waded my way through to the penguin island. It took me almost 45 minutes to walk from the shore to the island!

penguin island. See the sand below the shallow waters.. walked through it.

Initially I was a bit scared as I saw the vast ocean around me and the slippery sand beneath my feet but later on I really started to enjoy the walk! It was super fun and exciting to cross to the island with my bag on my head (so that it won’t get wet) and me wading through the water to the island!
It will be an experience  I will always cherish!!

We reached the island. We watched a show where we viewed the penguins! The penguins were being fed and we got some pretty good information them too! The ones which we saw were called ‘little penguins’ and were small in size.. They were really so damn cute!!!!! I felt like picking them all and carrying them back with me! just lovely!

cute penguins!

We were on the island for quite some time, We explored some caves and saw a huge sea lion lurking in one of the caves. It was a bit grumpy so could have been dangerous to go too near him so I saw him from some distance inside the cave. It was really really huge!!!!

cave rocks

We came back from the island by the ferry ( boat) as the tide was high by that time and it was no longer possible to wade through the water…

me and the caves

The same day in the evening.. my Italian roommates ( and colleagues) had planned a pizza party for everybody!

So we had almost half of our class come to our house for the party! I was a little tired but the pizza made by my roomies was just too fabulous! the authentic pizza at its best! My roomie Marilena was the head chef here!

pizza pizza
pizza in the making

On sunday I visited a place called rooftop movies! I watched a movie on the rooftop! an open theatre.. another different experience I guess. I had unfortunately forgotten my jacket in a hurry and it got a bit too cold in the night but it was so much fun to watch a movie under the open sky!
It was an american movie called “This Is Where I Leave You” it is an okay okay type of film but was fun to watch it at a venue like that!

rooftop cinema
rooftop cinema

Monday and Tuesday passed while I was immersed in studies.. Yesterday (Wednesday) my Canadian Classmates invited us for dinner at their place. They live with some Brazilians so we had a mix of Canadian and Brazilian cuisine!! They were perfect hosts and had prepared each dish carefully!
so good!

italian and brazilian cuisine

Here I am, writing this today.. (Thursday) Time seems to fly and I have a few days of the course here left!

P.S. I met the super amazing Jenny McConnell. One of the world’s renowned physiotherapists. She has written many books on taping techniques among others. The world follows her techniques in physiotherapy. Feeling blessed to be among such personalities here.

Me with Jenny McConnell

Let’s see what else awaits me!

Catch up with you all soon!

Have a lovely weekend!

Till then

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy, Be You.

Au Revoir!

The link to the Part 2 of the series is

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