Dance With Chirag!

Last year, we all had a chat with this wonderfully talented and unique personality called Chirag Chirag Aggarwal Aggarwal who is a dancer, a dance trainer, choreographer, a zumba instructor, a singer and a pianist! Phew! So many talents in one person!  This year, I give you all another chance to get to know a … Continue reading Dance With Chirag!

Watermelon Kiwi Banana Smoothie – Anish Nair

Too much heat to handle?! Beat the heat the healthy way! Check out this awesome easy to prepare Watermelon Kiwi Banana smoothie blast! Ingredients: 1/4th watermelon cut into pieces 1 kiwi. Dice it. 1 frozen banana 2-3 ice cubes. Procedure: Blend in a blender for 30-40 seconds. Pour in a glass and you are ready! … Continue reading Watermelon Kiwi Banana Smoothie – Anish Nair