Hi everyone! It’s been a while, I haven’t posted on my blog & buoy, I have so missed blogging!

The last 2 months have been pretty hectic for me, since my husband & I have been moving houses in Singapore and trust me, it’s been quite chaotic.

Moving houses is hard as it is and doing it during the COVID Pandemic is even tougher. Finding a good house to move to (even though it’s a rental space) is as much an emotional process as it is a physical one.

I am no stranger to moving houses, thanks to my independent life as a working woman in Mumbai and a few house move prior to that.

Even then, shifting houses in foreign land is altogether a different ball-game and I realised that as we moved into our 3rd house in 2 years of marriage. I moved to Singapore post our wedding in 2018 and since then, my life has changed a lot.

Moving houses can be hard, whether it is in a foreign land or just the next building. The distance doesn’t ease the challenges, atleast not the major ones.

For me, our recent house move has been a great learning experience, with mixed emotions. Here are 6 life lessons I have learnt, in the process of moving houses.

1. Minimize Hoarding

Although I am not much of a hoarder, I think most of us do have stuff in our closet which we don’t need and use, yet keep, just to feel satisfied with the fact that we own those things.

When the time comes to move houses, the unnecessary items we have stuffed our house with, end up driving us crazy. It’s best to minimize hoarding during the year, buy what you need and give away stuff you no longer use. It’s best to do this, irrespective of whether we are going to move houses or not. It helps in increasing the postivity and enhances the flow of good energy in our house.

2. Organization is Important

I must admit, I am not a very organized person. I believe in improvisation over technique & spontaneity over planning. While this approach works for me in many ways, when it comes to moving houses,I have realized that well-calculated strategies are needed.

My husband is usually the one who loves organizing things in a systematic manner, while I am still grasping the process. I have grown to appreciate the value of organizing things.

Making to-do lists and organizing stuff in your suitcases, stacking your cartons carefully while packing, labelling & numbering them, all of these seemingly small organizational tasks definitely make shifting to a new house easier.

3. Learning to let go emotionally

This is something which we often overlook. Personally, even though I am always looking forward to moving to a new place, even then, I feel moving can take a toll on our emotional health.

I think that it is tough to let go of the emotional attachment to a place, the memories we create in that space, the conversations we have and the small moments of joy we’ve experienced whilst living in that space.

It doesn’t matter how much of time we’ve spent in that space. It still isn’t easy; but unless we let go of an emotional attachment to our current place, we will never be comfortable in our new space.

Hence, letting go of the emotional attachment is essential. Afterall, the memories we’ve had at our previous place will always be cherished & will stay with us, won’t they?

4. Being open to change & flexible in our ways

This ties with my previous point. Letting go of attachment to previous space is easier when we have an open mind & aren’t rigid in our mindset. The more open we are, the more peacefully we will adapt to our new space.

Having a flexible approach towards change definitely helps a lot in re-adjusting to the new environment. Simple things like the change in the positions of our closet, kitchen space, sleeping space,etc. can be bothersome if we are too unyeilding in our behaviour.

Again, this is a very important thing to consider when moving homes- Your readiness for change. Preparing oneself mentally to anticipate change can prove to be helpful. Afterall, isn’t change the only constant in life?

5. Learning to embrace the imperfection

No matter how much we plan, how systematically we organize the entire moving process, there are some challenges and unexpected situations which will turn up at the last moment.

Maybe you forgot to clean the bathroom ceiling; or maybe you discover that some more packing is required at your end, or maybe your movers haven’t come in time, or you have some issues with your current/next house owner. It could be anything!

Whether you are moving to a new rental place or moving to a house you’ve bought, certain unexpected situations do crop up at the last moment and no matter how much you’ve planned for it, you will never see them coming. It’s then that we need to learn to embrace the mess.

Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned and don’t go our way; and that’s okay. We need to be okay with that fact. Otherwise it can be emotionally taxing and our physical health can also take a hit.

So planning is definitely essential, but so is leaving a little room for imperfection, so that we aren’t perturbed too much by it. The biggest test of our patience, inner strength, ability to adapt & be happy no matter what is in the midst of imperfection & chaos.

6. Home is where you make it

Throughout life, most of us are conditioned to call one place home. A place where we live, eat, sleep and stay with family. A place which we can call as ‘ours’. Through the entire process of moving to a new country and now traveling within the country, I have realised that home is where you make it.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is (though importance of material comforts cannot be denied). Any place can be a house, but a home is built with love, fond memories, care,compassion & positivity; and that can be done in whichever new place you move to.


So those are a few of the life lessons I have learnt while moving. Shifting houses is always an important process and some do it more often than others. Nevertheless, each house move teaches you something new. It helps to broaden your horizons & move out of your comfort zone.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Do let me know your thoughts. Have you moved houses? how has your experience been?

5 thoughts on “6 Life Lessons I learnt from Moving Houses”
  1. Hi Manasi! Loved your post, simply because it says what we all go through!
    Point No.2. Your honest and frank acceptance of your shortcoming needs courage to write that. Appreciable!

    Also , point no. 4 and 5 fitted with my thoughts too. Keep going dear! Love you!

  2. Hey there, this was a timely post for me. I will also probably move soon and I was so anxious about it at first but now I simply see it as a new beginning. These points you highlighted really helped. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  3. This was a timely post for me. I’m planning on moving soon and I’m a but anxious but its a new beginning and that prospect excites me. Thanks for this.

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