IMG_20181025_213654_072Travel Travel Travel.. If you know me or have read my posts you’d know I have a thing for traveling and do so every once in a while.

Recently we (my husband and I) visited Krabi, one of the lesser known and more family-friendly destinations in Thailand. Most tourists visiting Thailand either flock to Bangkok or Pattaya or Phuket.

We did a 5 day trip to Krabi from Singapore. (our current resident country.)

Sharing a few interesting things we did so that you can do them too!

Will share with you all the tours that we went on, the food we ate, the places we stayed and so much more!! Read on…

Day 1

Hong Island Tour

This is one of the lesser known tours of Krabi. The Hong Island tour covers 3 islands, Pak bia, Paradise and of course the Hong Island. We opted to take the speedboat and we traveled smoothly to all the islands.

Hong Island- Krabi

The tour guide was very friendly, gave lots of information, arranged the vegetarian lunch we had asked for and told us which were the better areas to snorkel.

I think the best place I have been to in my life by far, is the Hong island tour. It’s literally heaven on earth, with it’s pristine clear waters in different hues of blue and green and the gusty wind blowing throughout. I kept inhaling the pure air in deep breaths and was amazed at how beautiful the nature and the waters are.

The best thing to do at these islands?? Snorkeling!!

IMG_20181116_100312 (1)
I’m Snorkeling ready 😀

Now, I am a complete novice at snorkeling and this was the first time I did it. Trust me, I was scared, even though my husband (who’s done it before) kept assuring me it’s not that scary.

At first, I was quite hesitant to do it. After much contemplation, I decided to go ahead. After all, it was my one chance to try something new and different. So I wore all the snorkeling equipment and decided to take the plunge!!!

Trust me, it was the best decision I made! We saw a large variety of fish, sea anemones, sea cucumbers and even small sharks! ( these are the small ones, they don’t eat humans.. in case you are wondering.. 😀 )

The water is so divinely clear that everything under the surface is seen clearly.

The best part about the islands at Krabi are the huge limestone formations in various shapes standing out like mountains in between the water. They are the ones that  truly enhance the beauty of each of the islands.

So yeah, that was quite an experience!

IMG_20181022_125928 (1)
Hong Island – Krabi

I was enthralled, mind-boggled, dazed by the beauty of the Hong island and returned to the hotel, with lots of memories!!

Day 2

4 Island Tour.

Now this is one of the most popular tours in Krabi. It covers the Phra Nang Cave/aka the Princess Cave island, Tup aka Chicken Island and the Poda Island.

Poda Island- Krabi

Now, we had booked the Longtail boat this time which moves slower than the speedboat, so unlike the previous day, it took a lot of time for boat to reach the destinations.

The tour guide although polite was least interested in sharing any information. Worse, they had crammed a lot of tourists in one boat and frankly, it was quite bothersome.

The amount of time we spent at each island was lesser than the amount of time taken to travel there. We made a mental note to travel next time around only by speed boat.

Also a lot of tours are done at these islands and hence, they are much more crowded.

The two highlights of this tour for me were- jumping directly from the boat, into the sea at Tup island to snorkel! (again me jumping in after a lot of hesitation) Diving right into the waters to snorkel was an amazing experience and we got to see a lot of colorful fish moving aroung in groups. The secong best thing in this tour was the Poda Island. The Poda Island is beautiful to laze around and has an amazing view,  though when we snorkeled there as well, we found no fish.

Overall I would say if you plan to go on the 4 island tour, go by the speed boat or charter a private boat.

Day 3, 4 & 5

Food & Roaming Around!

Hubby Swinging! 😀 @ the Nopparat Thara Beach

We decided we had enough of the tours. I for one, was exhausted and wanted to just roam around the local area. So for the next 3 days, we did just that and I found it to be quite a great experience.

We explored the local food and cheap eats around. We both love discovering different cuisines and avoided eating at any Indian restaurants there.

We wanted to eat the local Thai food and that’s what we did! As vegetarians, it is a tad bit difficult to get vegetarian foodat some places, but not impossible at all. All of the food joints and local places we visited happily served us good vegetarian food on our request. So if you are a vegan/ vegetarian planning to visit Krabi, I would say just request them and they will customize few of their dishes for you.

The best and most amazing type of food we had was the Spicy Papaya salad, Pineapple Rice and Mango Sticky Rice at a restaurant literally called ‘Cheap Cheap’. We had the yummiest Green Curry and Vegetable Fried Rice at a place called ‘May & Zin’ and again some more Mango Sticky Rice at another local hawker place.

Mango Sticky Rice
Pineapple Fried Rice
Spicy Papaya Salad
amazing Green Curry & Vegetable Fried Rice @ May & Zin

We roamed the Ao Nang Night Market, ate twisted potatoes and yummy crepes.

Drank the local coffee which is so strong that it kept me awake and alert and I literally couldn’t sleep, but I just love that type of coffee so couldn’t get enough of it. I would say good tea isn’t widely available in Krabi with the locals prefering coffee over tea so we stuck to the coffee we got.  And yes, the local nutella pancakes are just as good as the coffee.

Of course no trip to Thailand can be complete without getting the famous Thai massage done. We we went to three different massage parlors. Dara Massage Parlor, Massage Corner and Leelawadee parlor. My experience was good with 2 of these while one- The Massage Corner was not so good. The lady literally gave me a backache instead of making it feel freer.

So if you are opting to get a massage done, be clear what you want to get done and how.

We roamed at the Noparat thara beach basked in it’s amazing views.

We stayed at two places during the 5 days.

  1. The Green View Village Resort Resort which is a hut style based hotel, which makes you feel like you are literally living among nature. It’s very budget friendly. Breakfast included, great coffee. They have 2 swimming pools.

2.  Ananta Burin Resort which a four star resort. Amazing resort and quite budget friendly as well. They serve a huge spread for breakfast, with a lot of variety of dishes. The swimming pools are amazing and the usp is the water slide for children as well as adults. We had quite an amazing time sliding into the water and swimming in the pool, so much fun!!

Overall, I would say, Thailand and especially Krabi is a great tourist desination. It is quite budget friendly, if you plan your trip in the right matter. The locals there are pretty friendly and polite. They are warm and simple and make you feel welcomed 🙂 I love the locals in Krabi! 🙂

We booked our tours on Klook, which was discovered by my husband. I found the site pretty useful browsing through the tours offered and for booking our tours in advance.

So, we carried back from Krabi lots of memories, photos and quite a lot of sun-tan! I would definitely go back there again if I get the chance to, to experience it’s beauty and calm.

So, I hope you all got an some insight about Krabi and visiting there.

Till the next post,

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Update- We are coming up with some interesting recipes and health related articles on the blog. So stay tuned!!

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