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Hello everybody! Today we have a very interesting person with us.

His name is Chirag Aggarwal. He is a professional dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, singer and performer. A true artist in all ways. He has performed in innumerable shows, and led many Flash Mobs all over the country. He followed his dream of dancing by moving from his hometown in Amritsar to Mumbai, where he struggled quite a bit and is now a successful professional. In his own way, he is an inspiration to many, especially to those who wish to follow their dreams but are afraid to do so.

He was kind enough to answer a few of my questions.
Me: How long have you been dancing?
Chirag: I have been dancing professionally for 6 years.

Me: What has dance taught you?
Chirag: Dance has brought out my teaching abilities. Dance has made me more confident, my body language & overall fitness have improved. Since I am an artist, I have grown to appreciate other forms of art. I have learnt to respect all forms of art even more. I have even learnt piano playing lately.

Me: What are your favorite styles of dance to perform or watch?
Chirag: I really like performing the Michael Jackson style of dancing. I also love performing lyrical popping.

I like to watch all dance forms. I really like watching graceful and amazing dancers.

Me: Is there any dance form you wish to learn?
Chirag: Yes, if I get an opportunity I would love to learn any Indian Classical form of dance like Odishi, Kathak, etc

Me: Your favourite dancer(s)?
Chirag: Michael Jackson & Fred Astaire.

chirag aggarwal

Me: What form of dance do you teach?
Chirag:  I teach bollywood, bolly-hop, lyrical popping, locking, Bhangra, freestyle and Zumba which incorporates dance and aerobics and includes dance forms like  hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo and martial arts.

chirag aggarwal

I am a certified Zumba instructor and I also teach Aquatic Zumba (performing zumba in water)

Me: Have you ever used you talents for the good of the community?
Chirag: Yes. I teach dance at various courses in the Art of Living NGO. I also teach dance at Sri Sri University in Orissa.

I have taught dance to quadriplegic and paraplegic patients at various institutions and schools in Dharavi (Mumbai) and many other places like these.
chirag aggarwal

Me:Have you ever danced in the rain? Do you like it?One memorable incident related to rain?

Chirag:Yes of course I love dancing in the rain. One memorable incident is when I was leading a Flash Mob in Pune. It was raining and we were initially just two people dancing in the rain. Slowly a crowd of about 300 to 350 people gathered and we all danced together in the rain. It was fun!

Me: One thing which you love about our country and one thing which you dont? (Since it is August, the ‘Independence day’ month)

Chirag: I love everything about India. Can’t name anything specific. Of course I dislike all the corruption but since our country is in better hands now, I hope things will soon change for the better.


manasi joshi (me)

I really don’t remember when this was, but once I was in a dance session held by Chirag at the Art of Living International ashram in Bangalore, India. I remember that Chirag had a sore throat and so it was difficult for him to instruct such a large crowd. Even then, he managed to make all of us dance along with him and did not lose his enthusiasm and spirit even for a second and made the session fun. Hats off to his dedication! 

Also inspite of his success his humility speaks volumes about himself.

chirag aggarwal

He has a facebook page dedicated to him. You can catch him there to know more-

Catch him on twitter-

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Khurshed Batliwalla (Bawa) A very very respected & amazing  person has also written about Chirag. Check this link here-

Also, I have a video for you, where you can get a tiny glimpse of Chirag’s dance!

Today as you read this, Chirag is already making Delhi dance to his tunes!

Well folks that was Chirag for you.  I hope you found his story inspiring. What are you waiting for? Just like him go out there and follow your dream! Enjoy!
Chirag Aggarwal
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