Hello there! 🙂

I am Manasi Anand- Physiotherapist, Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Lifestyle Blogger. I am essentially a believer of ‘Holistic Health‘ which includes taking into consideration the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health of a person.

I am an Indian, currently residing in Singapore with my husband. 

I have been blogging since 2010 (under different blog name), and my blog posts have been sporadic until recently. My blogging journey started when I decided to digitalize my love for writing. I decided to write about my daily musings & random happenings to keep my love for writing alive, despite my hectic schedule. It was a random idea, which led to a blog, back when I wasn’t even aware of what blogging really means.

I founded A Cupful Of Everything in 2018, in an attempt to upgrade & professionalize my blog and take it beyond a mere hobby and make it more meaningful for everyone who reads it.

Through the years, the blog has grown in leaps and bounds and my blogging journey has been amazing & enriching. I have evolved a lot as a person and as a blogger and I have gained an incredible amount of insight as well.

Today, we have numerous posts on this blog as well as online courses which you can avail to.

I love to cook,bake, read, dance, meditate, do yoga, travel & explore new places and meet different kinds of people and learn more about different cultures.

A Lifestyle Blog is essentially a digital representation of the author’s everyday life & interests. So my interests are naturally reflected in the blog posts.

As a Lifestyle blogger, I concoct content with the intent of adding some value to your day to day life as well. Whether it is Food, Travel, Health & Wellness,  or other topics like random musings & poetry, you will find a variety of articles on this blog.

I hope you have a good time going through our website which is specially crafted for all of you, with lots of love, care and a personal touch.

So grab a cupful of your favourite beverage as you browse through our site and enjoy savouring our cupful of articles specially curated just for you!

Thank you for visiting this blog & I hope you keep coming back to it again & again! 🙂

*For collaborations & other queries- Please contact manasiwrites@gmail.com