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So I and my colleagues visited the Hillary’s Harbour last saturday. The Harbor is a beautiful place and going there was a delight for me.
Hillary’s Harbour.
I saw various boats and ships anchored to the Harbor. I had never seen so many boats and ships all at once in my life! (Except the movies I guess)
Near the Harbor is a wonderful aquarium. We visited there and took a tour around..
I saw sharks, sting rays,  kite fish, small and huge jellyfish, sea dragons and also peculiar varieties of fish like the stone fish and some snakes too!

Stone fish.. Yes it’s a fish!! Look closely!
There was a pond which was accessible and inside were some variety of fish we could touch. I mustered some courage and touched some fish by dipping my hand inside the pond. I even touched some starfish! It was a unique experience!

By this time it was evening and I was eagerly waiting to watch the sunset at the harbor.
As I watched the sun rest a sense of unique calmness came over me.. It was a beautiful sight.

Sunset at the Harbor
Also the lights which light up at the harbor after sunset are a unique sight not to be missed!
After this I got a bit tired but on my friends’ insistence I tagged along with them to the city pubs.
Like I mentioned before I don’t drink. But I do dance!
We all danced like crazy at the barthat day. Actually everyone appears crazy at such places, so I had fun letting my hair down!
We went back home at 3.30am and by that time I was quite exhausted and slept off immediately!
It was last week of the course by this time.. We had an exam to give on Friday the 19th of December and the pressure was slowly mounting up.
In the middle of all this we had an Indian party to throw for all the classmates!
Man it was tough! We were 5 Indians in the class so each of us decided to prepare something for the rest of the class.
Someone prepared starters, while someone prepared the main course while the task of dessert making was left to me!
So for starters we had besan chilla cut into pieces topped with capsicum, barbeque sauce and mayo while for main course we had roti,  paneer ki sabzi and potatoes.. And of course biryani!

Besan chilla
Paneer and potato sabzi, anar raita and roti
For the Dessert.. Well I decided to prepare kheer made from vermicelli.. The traditional way with dry fruits and cardamom et al.

Kheer made by me
The evening of the Indian party arrived. My Indian friends had made sure that all th spice was kept to the minimum as the foreign colleagues wouldn’t be able to eat too much spicy food.
All my international colleagues arrived. We had so much fun serving food to them. They didn’t know how to eat with hands so that was a hilarious and cute sight to see them struggling to eat the roti and sabzi!
The main highlight of the party was the Bollywood dance! Some of my international colleagues wanted to learn the Bollywood dance from me. Now I do dance and have done quite a bit of dancing in my life so teaching them a few Bollywood movies,wasn’t that big a thing.
I taught them the traditional thumkas and jhatkas of Bollywood. They were amazingly quick learners and immediately picked it up and danced!
So much so, that we had a face-off between the boys and the girls! Round one we girls won and round two the boys won!
They all are such awesome people who picked up Bollywood dance quickly and had fun in the face off!
It was a night I will never forget! People from all over the world came together & celebrated with no barriers between them.Catch you all soon in the upcoming posts

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Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

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