Hey everyone!
So continuing back from where we left.. After the Indian Party, we had few days left before the exam which was to be held on the last day of the course.

We all were totally engrossed in studies. My brain seemed to go crazy and was buzzing continuously as I read page after page and discussed technique after technique with my colleagues.

On the day of the exam everyone was nervous.. My brain anyway was overloaded till it stopped working I guess! :p

Everyone was hushed up till their turn came. We were called inside one by one to demonstrate the techniques we had learnt and to answer the theory questions asked by the professors.

Trust my luck, I was the last one to be called so till then I was a bunch of nerves even though everyone else who were done with the exam assured me that it would be fine.

Well my batch mates were right, my exam went just fine. Yes, I was asked quite a lot of questions but I answered them to the best of my ability and in the end they said I had done pretty well!!

Finally! It was over.. I was relieved…

But the course getting over also meant that I had to say goodbye… In the beginning of the course everyone was so aloof and hardly interacted with each other.. By the end of the course we all had gelled so well with each other!

You know, I hate goodbyes.. I really had a lovely course with all my international colleagues and each one of them was distinct and amazing in their own way!!

Also, all the professors who taught us during the course were phenomenal! I think I really was privileged to learn from top physiotherapists who came from all over the world and taught us. I think it was wonderful to attend the world’s best manual therapy course where each one who came in and taught us added something new to our knowledge. They all are amazing teachers with lots of knowledge and humility despite their stature…  Respect for all of them!

I would specially like to thank Dr. Toby Hall and Dr. Kim Robinson,, the founders of the Manual Concepts and the ones who have designed this course.

Me with Dr. Toby Hall and Kim Robinson
Me with Sam.. Amazing professor
Me with Michael Monaghan and Indian colleagues

I think this course gave me something more than practical knowledge. After meeting colleagues from all over the world from countries like Japan, Cambodia, Italy, England, Ireland, Canada, Romania, Korea and of course Australia and a few fellow Indian colleagues too,  I think my perspective towards life has changed. I think it’s great to meet people from different backgrounds and interact and learn with them..  It has made me more aware about how different life can be in different parts of the world..

group photo
yes selfie mania continues!

Also I had the most crazy, funny and amazing roomates ever- four Italians and one Indian. A special mention to all 5 of them- Andrea Sgambati, Marilena Sfrecola, Sonia Lottini and Raffaele Caradini and yes Manshi Chheda..

It was too awesome meeting all of them and I enjoyed, fought, discussed and learnt a lot from them all during one month!!!  And yes, they played like the most silliest pranks on me during our stay!! It was a tough thing to say goodbye to all of them!
A shout out to my Indian colleagues and now friends Minakshi Fullara, Lakshya Sharma and Saurab Sharma!

I am so grateful to the Almighty and the people back at home without whom I wouldn’t be where I  am today..

So finally I get the certificate!!

I guess life is a journey in itself and I am glad that whomever I met on the course were a part of my life’s journey!
I wish all of you the very best in life!

Hope to meet you all somewhere, somehow once again!!!

Till then,

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au revoir!

Your thoughts please?