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As a physiotherapist, I often see people landing up with back pain. It is something very common which I am sure almost 99% of us have faced at a certain point in our lives, irrespective of our age or gender.

Most people think that eating pain killers would make it go away and pop pills in order to get rid of back ache. Of course it provides a temporary relief but is not a long term solution.

Today, due to active and hectic lifestyle, most people hardly get time to think and ponder upon the causes of back pain.

Here I am stating some easily correctable things which could prevent or cure you from back pain-

1. Work Ergonomics- Most of the cases today we see are due to bad posture while at work. Please be careful about what posture you assume when you are at work. Sitting up straight, not stooping, sitting/ standing in certain correct ways, ensuring your back is supported while sitting or travelling will help you eliminate back pain. Next time you are at work, be aware of what posture you assume for long periods and try to correct it.

2. Exercise your back- Exercise, as we all know, is the basis for good health for everything and back pain is not an exception. Simply doing a few stretches and strengthening exercises for your back will help in eliminating back pain. Yoga postures like dhanurasana, bhujangasana, trikonasa, etc are a few basic exercises to help you avoid back pain.

3. Healthy diet and nutrition– Watching our diet, maintaining a healthy weight can go a long way in curing or preventing back pain. The spine and it’s surrounding structures and muscles need to be strong enough to bear the day to day stresses we put on it.  E.g..- drinking milk or adding calcium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, etc supplements can be useful for a painless back, especially post the age of 30 years and in women and elderly population.

A detailed assessment and treatment by a physiotherapist can help you get rid of back pain so do not hesitate to approach your nearest available trusted and qualified physiotherapist. With the help of certain therapy and specific exercises for you, you can get rid of back pain in no time!

You can thus avoid taking painkillers for your back which could lead to unwanted side effects if taken on a long term basis. Of course there are back pain conditions which require painkillers or at times even surgery, but this post is about the general back pain which most of us get and can usually avoid in simple ways.

If you want to know who is a physiotherapist and a what physiotherapist does please do through this article of mine- http://www.manasiwrites.com/2015/03/physiotherapy-way-to-better-life.html

Hope you have a pain free back and a worry free life.

– Dr. Manasi Joshi (P.T)
Physiotherapist, Writer, Blogger. 

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  1. This lack of movement coupled with poor posture at our desks can lead to stiffness and compression in the lower back causing aching. The obvious answer is to get up and move around, but as this is not always possible, setting up your workstation well is really important.

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