Hey friends! Continuing the Bali Series on my blog, I am sharing a few more places in Bali for which you can schedule a tour or book a driver.

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Moving on, in this post I am sharing the beachy side of Bali with all of you. We visited the off beat and lesser known beaches in Bali and I would love to share more with you.

Before visiting the beaches, we visited one last temple near Ubud and then head to the beach. Read on to know more…

1.Goa Gajah Temple Bali

Entrace of the Goa Gajah cave and Hubby posing in his sarong 😀

Now, of all the temples we saw in Bali, this one turned out to be my favourite in terms of actual sightseeing of the deities. It is a small temple located close to Ubud so you can hire a scooter and go there as well. It is also called the Elephant Cave.

Me at Goa Gajah Temple

Inside the cave are deities of Lord Ganesha and the Trimurti Shiva Ling of Lord Shiva. Both the deities exude very powerful vibes if one is sensitive enough and can feel them.

So yes, this temple despite being lesser known, is definitely worth visiting.

Entrance Fees: IDR 15,000 ( $1.39 SGD, ₹ 71 INR)

2. Pandawa Beach

Beautiful Pandawa Beach

The Pandawa Beach is one of the lesser visited beaches in Bali. It is also called as the Hidden Beach.

Enjoying the calm at Pandawa Beach

It is an extremely beautiful, calm and soothing beach. We spent more than two hours at this beach.

It is named after the ancient Indian and Hindu history of the Pandawas who were Indian warriors in the Mahabharata. One can see huge statues of theirs constructed as one enters the beach.

The only thing we disliked here is that there was an entry fee to this beach as well.

I mean we understand temples etc, but who pays to go to a beach?

Nevertheless, it is surely a wonderful beach and I felt totally detoxified and calm after visiting this beach. So much of blue! Totally therapeutic! 🙂

Entrance Fees: IDR 15,000 ( $1.39 SGD, ₹ 71 INR)

3. Nusa Dua

After the above two places, we made a short visit to Nusa Dua beach. The tide was pretty low so we couldn’t enjoy the beach water per se, but nevertheless we had fun drinking Balinese Coffee at a Pirate themed beach cafe there. It has lovely Pirate themed structures and boats which one can climb and click photos with.

Yay I am sailing 😛 Pirate themed ship @ a cafe in Nusa Dua

Overall it is a hit or miss depending on your schedule.

4. Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach

This is again one of the lesser known beaches in Bali. We didn’t schedule a tour for this one since we were staying in Sanur itself for the last two days of our trip and the beach is walking distance from the hotel we stayed in. Sanur is located in the South of Bali and is closer to the airport than Ubud, which makes it convenient.

Sanur Beach

The sanur beach is again a really beautiful beach, although it’s beauty differs from the Pandawa Beach. It’s really fascinatiing to visit different types of beaches and enjoy them and appreciate the diversities of nature.

The Sanur beach has really cute boats as well alongside the beach, which make it a pretty sight.

Colourful boats @ sanur beach

We spent a lot of time at this beach, since it was the last day of our stay in Bali and we wanted to absorb all the goodness of the beach before we went back. We had some coconut water from a fresh coconut and some watermelon juice as well, from one of the cafes in Bali.

It definitely is a must visit if you just love to sit by the beach and admire the views.

Me posing @ Sanur Beach

We walked alongside the beach and waded a bit in the water as well. Quite fun.

Hubby Flying 😛 @ Sanur beach

So that’s it about the beaches in Bali that we visited. We purposely stayed away from the popular Kuta and Seminayak beaches since they are very touristy and crowded and hence we visited the above beaches.

Sanur beach

Beaches in Bali are beautiful no doubt, but I would say they are not good for those looking to swim in deep waters since the water is pretty rough. Overall they are just the perfect place to chill, relax and spend some time in the sun. (Don’t forget your sunscreen :D)

Read the final part of my Bali Series and decide for yourself whether Bali is really worth visiting for you.

Ending the post with a yummy breakfast spread we had in Sanur, before we headed for the beach 🙂

Breakfast at a Cafe in Sanur
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