She was standing there quietly watching the sea,
As the mischievous wind played with her hair,
It seemed as if she’s thinking of a key

For something as beautiful as,
with her life, her affair

She was beautiful for the way her mind
was engulfed in the waves
Her looks though were run of the mill
Lost in her own thoughts as deep as a cave
Something paramount she was trying to instill

She was beautiful for the way she spoke about her passion
Even for others it may have been out if fashion
But the shimmer in her eyes was inescapable
And in all senses she was truly invincible

She was beautiful because her mind gleamed
And life became a cakewalk even though difficult it seemed
All the backbreaking turned out to be fruitful
and she, in the real sense of the word,
became Bea(YOU)tiful!!

Written and Submitted by Dr. Nikita Prabhu (Physiotherapist)

I hope you all enjoyed this poem shared by her on my blog!

Last two days for summer sizzle to end!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au Revoir!

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