Chocolate Walnut Cake- Pressure Cooker Cake

Delicious eggless Chocolate Walnut Cake, made in pressure cooker. Simplest recipe ever!!

Plum Cake Recipe – Vegan, Gluten-Free & Healthy

Healthy, Gluten-free Plum Cake recipe. Easy to prepare. Vegan (can be made vegetarian). Delicious and full of natural goodness.

Vegan Lemon Cake- Ultimate Recipe.

This dreamy vegan lemon cake is a unique cake, perfect for all occasions. Different, lemon-ey, spongy and easy to bake. Makes for the ultimate dessert this season.

Pizza Toast- Simple cooking.

Pizza Toast! A simple vegetarian recipe (can be made vegan) for the festive season to celebrate with your family and friends.

Vegan Blueberry Banana Muffins.

Recipe for freshly prepared blueberry banana muffins. Vegan, reduced sugar. No bake, can be prepared without oven and muffin pan. Modify ingredients as per requirement. 🙂

Tomato Paratha- Easy Recipe

Hey everyone!! So it's December already! How has the year been for all of you?? December equals fun, family time,food and celebrations for most of us, doesn't it? It's the Christmas month for most of the western world and New year's for everyone. So this December, I am going to be sharing a mix of … Continue reading Tomato Paratha- Easy Recipe