Nutella pancakes!!

Hey everyone!! So it's been like really too long that I have posted a recipe on my blog.. Especially a dessert. Since I don't have a sweet tooth and prefer spicy food over sweet, I hardly appreciate any desserts that come my way. But a while ago I had nutella pancakes at a cafe in … Continue reading Nutella pancakes!!


Rice pakora

Hey folks! After a long time I am posting a quick recipe today. Rice is something which is prepared in kitchens frequently. Sometimes, it so happens that rice gets leftover or we end up preparing it in a quantity more than necessary and we don't really want to waste it but don't feel like eating … Continue reading Rice pakora

Watermelon Kiwi Banana Smoothie – Anish Nair

Too much heat to handle?! Beat the heat the healthy way! Check out this awesome easy to prepare Watermelon Kiwi Banana smoothie blast! Ingredients: 1/4th watermelon cut into pieces 1 kiwi. Dice it. 1 frozen banana 2-3 ice cubes. Procedure: Blend in a blender for 30-40 seconds. Pour in a glass and you are ready! … Continue reading Watermelon Kiwi Banana Smoothie – Anish Nair

Oh yeah! Soya!

Hey everybody! We have come towards the end of the food week! As a signing off post for this week I have for you a very delicious, healthy, easy to prepare soybean chunk recipe straight from my kitchen! Learn to make it in a jiffy and also learn what are the benefits of soybean! Peppered … Continue reading Oh yeah! Soya!

Charismatic Corn!

Hello! Another post in this food week of my blog fest for you! Well, we cannot imagine Monsoon without the good old "Bhutta" (Corn) can we?? From feeling awesome to hold and eat a 'bhutta' as a kid, to it being used to prepare various meals like curry and soups, corn has been a part … Continue reading Charismatic Corn!

What’s your cuppa’ ?? the beauty of brewed beverages

Hello everyone!! Like I told you yesterday, the monsoon fest on my blog starts from today. Food, Fashion and Feel is the theme. I am sure that just like while I write this, while you read this too, the atmosphere around you must be cold and the rain must be hitting hard on your window … Continue reading What’s your cuppa’ ?? the beauty of brewed beverages

Chinese-Italian Pasta..!!

Chinese-Italian Pasta When it comes to cooking, everyone around the world has different tastes and likes. Cooking I suppose, is an art in itself. The best part about it is you can always create something new. So here is my recipe of a unique  "Chinese-Italian Pasta" Procedure: 1. Take a packet of raw pasta. They … Continue reading Chinese-Italian Pasta..!!