Mistakes often frustrate mistakes make you depressed they make you feel small they make you feel low they make you feel as if  you are not worth and all hollow   Mistakes often land you down in the dumps they make you blame yourself they hurt your ego  they make you feel rejected  and of … Continue reading Mistakes

As long as you have Hope..

When you are down in dumps and nothing makes you jump When you are feeling lost, Just hold on tight and don't give up without a fight Because as long as you have hope You'll be alright...When things seem clouded and you can't see anymore, life seems to be a mess and whatever you do, … Continue reading As long as you have Hope..


A feeling, an emotion, a sensation, four letters One Word Pain.. Whenever there is sorrow sometimes loss of hope for tomorrow, whenever we feel desolate, whever we are low and sometimes much more than we show we feel it.. Pain..Whenever life doesn't go our way When it seems to go haywire and we don't get … Continue reading Pain

Beauty and beyond

Today, we live in a world who judges us by our superficial appearances. We are constantly shown that being young is beautiful or being fair skinned and slim is. The society has stereotyped beauty into a superficial skin deep thing. For me, beauty is not just skin deep. Yes outer beauty is a great thing … Continue reading Beauty and beyond


We live in a dual world. We are constantly torn between choices and are forced to take sides, and make decisions, even if we don't want to, consciously or subconsciously. We are torn between the wrong and the right which is projected before us by the outer world and the wrong and the right which … Continue reading Choices

Let it…

When the sun kisses your face let it, when the wind brushes against your hair, let it, when the darkness overwhelms you, let it, For it is the mental barriers we create, that prevent us, from being ourselves, from enjoying life, to it's fullest When the rain drenches you from head to toe, let it, … Continue reading Let it…

A moment is all we need!

click my me. At Swan River, Western Australia.  Life is running at a fast pace The clock is ticking amid all the chaos amid all the hustle-bustle we see a child smile at us and we smile back a moment of  joy is all we need It just takes one tiny moment to reach out … Continue reading A moment is all we need!