We live in a dual world. We are constantly torn between choices and are forced to take sides, and make decisions, even if we don’t want to, consciously or subconsciously. We are torn between the wrong and the right which is projected before us by the outer world and the wrong and the right which we think is true. Confused? Me too!

Here is a short poem on choices.
Between the right and the wrong,
must we choose,
between the true and false, 
between the day and the night
between joy and sorrow
and today and tomorrow
amid laughter and pain
and respect and disdain
in the seam of heaven and hell
and fury and calm
and faith and doubt
must we dwell
 Between the waves 
of hatred and of love
Must we choose…
Between our inner self and 
between the outer one which we project
between our inner angels and demons
sooner or later,
must we choose..
Choices make us
and shape our lives
For it does not matter what we have in us
but who we choose to become….
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