Part 1- the Joy  

Its been days since India won the ICC cricket world cup on 2nd April.. I along with billions of Indians world-wide hooted & jumped with happiness with every run that Gambhir made & every “four” that Dhoni hit..there were messages with Jai hind, an atmosphere of celebration & joy… I too felt as if I personally had won the world cup… the firecrakers, the shouting n screaming, the clapping… all those emotions…!! I enjoyed it all…”dhak dhak go, India go!!”
When Bhajji cried, & Tendulkar was lifted up & carried, the entire nation was crying with joy..after all it was a 28 year long wait…. how could any true Indian not feel happy with the country getting so much international glory?? After all, India is a cricket crazy nation….

                                       Part 2- Introspection

Immediately post the world cup victory, the news that the cup was not the original one, that the match was fixed,etc, etc started doing the rounds… The enthusiasm people had felt, started disappearing, doubt & curiosity taking its place….. I guess, today as I write this article, most of the people have forgotten all about the world cup & are glued to the TV watching the IPL matches…..Anyway, India won the world cup. so what?? I mean, school kids who had their exams, ended up getting distracted ( er…I had my exams as well. you know..LOL) the beggars on the streets continued to beg, while the cricket stars were paid crores of rupees. People spent thousands of rupees for going to watch the match, the money which went to the organizers, yeah, the same cricket crazy people who threw money to watch the match, the same people would never donate even a 100 rupee note for a social cause thinking its a waste….. The burning firecrackers added to the pollution… anyway, if we Indians can support cricket so much, then what about Hockey… “HOCKEY IS INDIA’S NATIONAL GAME”…wow… I remember writing it over & over in my general knowledge notebook in school… I doubt whether half of our India know tht hockey is our national game…The same fervor with which we support cricket, why can’t we support hockey, swimming, cycling, boxing or any other sport?? 

I totally agree that cricket is a game which binds our nation together….I have nothing against the sport… but it pains me when I see the huge amount of money people put into bets on cricket players & matches, all of that can be put into use much more fruitfully for the development of our country…. This country belongs to all of us & if we can come together & celebrate India’s victory, surely we can come together & do something to improve its other aspects, right??

Your thoughts please?