Hi everyone! So apparently the “Doctor Strike” in Maharashtra has come to an end after assurance given by CM Devendra Fadnavis.

As a Physiotherapist who has studied and is working in Maharashtra, somewhere, all of this has given me something to ponder upon and has saddened me to a great extent. It has however, not surprised me at all. I have seen the relatives of patients manhaldling resident doctors and surgeons ever since I was a student. This day had to come sooner or later.

I have myself faced patients relatives at certain hospitals who have ordered me around and expected me to get their bedridden kin up, walking and totally alright in two days which according to his condition was not possible and I really had a tough time explaining them the situation. There have been many such incidents which I have faced and keep facing. Let’s not get into that. That’s not the point.

My point is, the mentality which people have these days. Most people these days feel they can throw in a few bucks and “buy” their health. Sorry to say, but this not a shopping mall, it is your body and you cannot ‘buy’ or ‘threaten’ a health professional to cure it instantly. People want instant results and effects. The temperatures rise high quickly and tolerance levels have reduced greatly. Add to that the mentality that “all doctors extort money from us.” I agree certain hospitals charge a high sum and

there are certain elements in the health sector out there to just extort money and make profits. But aren’t such people there in every field and sector? Then why stereotype and label all of us???

It is this mentality which is giving rise to anger, hate and prejudice among people against the medical fraternity. It is this mentality which needs to be changed to prevent violence agianst Doctors.

I would like to say that we invest a lot in getting the title of- ‘Physiotherapist’, ‘Dentist’, ‘Surgeon’, ‘Eye-Specialist’ ‘Radiologist’ etc. It’s not just about being called a Doctor. It’s about living up to be one.

A lot of investment goes in becoming a health professional and it’s not just money. It’s also a substantial amout of years. A lot of sweat, tears, worries and sleepless nights and hungry days.

For me personally, the satisfaction of helping someone and curing them and making them feel better through the knowledge I have gained is much much more than anything else. No amount words can describe that feeling. 

I am writing this not because I want to be hailed or worshipped as someone great. Not at all. I am a multifaceted being with varied interests right from blogging, writing and reading to dancing, cooking and travelling. But even then being a Physiotherapist is an important part of my life and I would never ever change that irrespective of anything.

I just want to put forth that Doctors don’t need worshipping them as Gods. All we need is a smile and a little bit of humanity from you. We are as human as you are and as long as you remember that, it’s enough for us. Thank you.


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  1. A very nicely written article. But maybe doctors should pause to think and analyse this mentality of patients before they cry “wolf”, especially a phsycotherapist who has been trained for this very purpose. In general patients are tired of being harassed and cheated. Doctors write unnecessary tests and force patients to get it conducted by pathologists who are associated so that doctors can earn commissions. They behave like gods. Patients have to wait hours beyond their appointment time. Doctors simply have to consideration for other people's time. It is common practice to walk in to the clinic a few hours after the given time. And doctors have big egos. If they see the patient wanting a second opinion or even asking about an alternate course of treatment, they freak out. God help the patients who are hospitalized. Resident doctors have their own agendas where the treatment of the patient is seldom in it. I have seen old grandpa and little kids being manhandled to a state of trauma. These r people not plastic dolls. Studying medical science does not entitled someone to get a good like attitude. But sadly that's what happens to most doctors after a few years of practice. And dont even get me started on medical malpractice. I have a dozen cases in my close circle alone. So the complain works 2way. And doctors should keep that in mind before adopting the whole martyr like attitude.

  2. @Anonymous I understand that there are certain doctors who fit the description that you have given. But like I said in my article, people are “STEREOTYPING” Doctors and are labelling all of us as bad. That mentality is needs to change. That's the entire point here. I understand you may have seen bad treatment given by doctors. But can you say all of us are like that? Seriously??? You cannot judge like this. And even nobody gives anyone a right to act violently and beat up doctors. IS this right????And yes, I am A PHYSIOTHERAPIST and NOT a Psychotherapist. PLease understand that there is a huge difference between the two. (Google the terms please)Nobody is being a matryr here. We just want to be treat as HUMANS.I guess I have mentioned that too in my post. Hope you get the point. Thanks for your insight anyway. Good luck. 🙂

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