Hello people!! This is the signing off post of the fashion week of my blog fest-

Well quite a few people asked me what was my take on fashion, so umm here is what I have to say-

Manasi Joshi (Me)
“When we think fashion, we imagine parties or weddings or film-stars or models. We hardly ever think beyond that.

The purpose of this fashion week was to make people think a bit more. Like you saw in the previous posts many people shared their take on fashion & all of them had such beautiful answers and viewpoints.
Manasi Joshi (Me)
According to me, fashion is not just about clothing or accessories.
It is much more than that.
I think it is all about the attitude with which we perceive ourselves.
We can wear the most beautiful and costly clothes and still look awful & we can wear the most simplest of the clothes and still look good.
 “It is simple. If we feel good, we look good.” I realised that this is somehow very true.

Manasi Joshi (Me)
Of course feeling good about ourselves doesn’t mean being over-confident & ignoring our faults. Nobody is perfect. Everyone of us is flawed and that’s what makes us human and real. So whatever faults we feel that we have if it is in our capacity to, we can correct them. 

Manasi Joshi (me)
when we know what are our flaws and strengths, somewhere we accept ourselves & get to know ourselves better.The more we are comfortable with ourselves the better we will appear. 
I see so many people trying to be what they are not. Just because someone wore something or wore those shoes or whatever, they try to do the same. Of course it is perfectly alright to do so, but when something doesn’t suit you why wear it just for the sake of it? I think people compare & compete too much with each other these days.
Of course it is important to keep up- to – date with the current trends. But that doesn’t mean that whatever is

Manasi Joshi (Me)

in fashion currently you follow it blindly for the heck of it. 

Manasi Joshi (Me)
Each one of us is so very unique and so it is very important according to me, that we have our own style.. 
Obviously we all need to have that presence of mind of when to wear what. We can’t go glam at work or college and turn up in night clothes at a party, can we??
Manasi Joshi (Me
Manasi Joshi (Me)
Manasi Joshi (Me)

So don’t hate those quirks in you. That’s what make you, You.

I really am not a person who cares “too much” about fashion. But yes a little bit of fashion does do quite a bit of good. For me fashion doesn’t mean just the appropriate attire but also how I carry myself and how I feel from within!
Manasi Joshi (me)
I will stick to my words here too-  Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.
Like Sri Sri Ravishankar says- “Do everything with a little bit of Style and a little bit of Smile” That’s exactly what I follow. 
I think we shouldn’t over do the fashion thing.
Be yourself and be fashionable in your own way. We really can’t ignore fashion because it is a part of us!! That’s all I guess! :)”
Manasi Joshi (Me)

Ten amazing fashion quotes for you:

When you don’t dress like everybody else, you don’t have to think like everybody else.” -Iris Apfel

“Buy less, choose well.” -Vivienne Westwood

“To me, style is all about expressing your individuality freely and courageously.” -Timothy John

“Too much good taste can be very boring. Independent style, on the other hand, can be very inspiring.” -Diana Vreeland

“Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.” -G. Bruce Boyer

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” ― Coco Chanel

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” 
― Coco Chanel

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton

“I don’t do fashion, I AM fashion.” ― Coco Chanel

“Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” ― Anna Wintour

Manasi Joshi (me)

I hope you enjoyed all the glamour this week.

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Next week, in the last and most amazing part of my blog festival; the “Feel” section, I will be back with five different & touching stories for you,  from different people, five days of the week! 

Till then, have a great weekend & keep a watch on this blog! 🙂 Enjoy!!

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