When I decided to pursue physiotherapy as a profession, I had absolutely no idea of what lay ahead of me.
In the first year, I joined Vishwakarma Institute of Health Sciences and Research (VIHSR) which was a newly opened college branch by the well known VIT group of people.
Meeting new people, new teachers was a great feeling. We all soon got acquainted with each other.
The memorable time there was the anatomy laboratory dissections, where we saw and dissected the dead bodies and their parts with hesitancy at first and later with ease and fun. I still remember our lectures and practical sessions over there and were introduced to the medical field and just began to understand what ‘physiotherapy’ really was and saw a glimpse of the hospitals. It was just a beginning to a four and half year journey.
Then bad luck struck us. Our college decided to shut down, ( Reasons are too many to type here) We and our parents too, panicked! What to do, how to pursue further years in physiotherapy? which college? all these questions arose in our minds.By that time our first year results were out and we all had got exceptionally good marks. Our then Principal, made arrangements in M A Rangoonwalla college of physiotherapy for us to continue or study there for some days till we got official admission in a college. Same was the fate of our seniors.
Then within a month or so we all secured admissions as per university rules and were distributed in various physiotherapy colleges across Pune and outside too, according to our preference. A special mention to my friend Prachi who helped me get admission in her college- Deccan Education Society’s Brijlal Jindal College Of Physiotherapy (DESBJCOP) in the Fergusson College Campus. I thought  ‘FC’ wow!

Puja, Anupama, Sayali, Anood, Upasana, Akshaya, Sumit, Nirankush, Sharvari, hope you guys remember those days!
                                                      PART 2

I entered D.E.S college with a twinge of nervousness. New teachers, new classmates new atmosphere. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to adjust. Prachi was of great help in making me at ease over there and introducing me to others. Still, I used to miss my old college and friends. However, gradually this didn’t turn out to be a problem. Why? because there were bigger problems looming ahead! Academics and hospital postings of course! 
We used to rush about, attending 8 o’clock lectures in the morning, clinical postings in the hospital from 10 am to 1 pm and then again afternoon lectures (when we used to be too tired to listen to anything anyway) or sometimes practical sessions in the afternoon. Second and third year passed in a jiffy though third year was the toughest where we had upto 12 subjects to study. Time passed by. We were busy treating patients, learning new methods of treatment, new subjects. There were times when I turned up to college looking like a pale white ghost who hasn’t slept for ages. hahaha! I think we all had times like that.
Then we landed up in our final year. The feeling of being “the final year batch” took some time to sink in.
Today, we attended our final class of college. No more lectures hence forth. A sigh of relief!
Yes there definitely have been times, when me and my buddies have cribbed and complained that ‘yaar kitna load hai, how much more can we do?’ also there have been times when we all have said, ‘When do they give us time to breathe, let alone study?’ If I begin grumbling, the list would probably go on and on.. but hey wait a second! 

Why am I here then? why am I writing this? simply because I have loved those moments of joy which I have shared with you all. Those moments of laughter we all shared in between lectures, those times when we all have stood up united as a class, those moments when we shared our problems with each other, times when we got a ticking off together for something we shouldn’t have done, from eating in the hospital canteen to drinking chai at the tapri to the dances we performed on stage through the years!
 Those times when we understood what the other meant to say just by looking at that person. Those seminars and conferences we attended, those Sundays we all sacrificed for the seminars that fun we all had when we went out for lunch or dinner as a class and of course, how can I forget Goa!!! such memories, I will cherish them forever. 

Final Year Dance Performance
Haha! look at us! lol


Yes there will always be our respective ‘groups’ or always be people who are more close to us than the rest of the class. But somewhere, we all have gone through good, bad, tough, easy, painful and not so painful days. Going through all of that has bonded us somewhere and made us grow as individuals and also together as a class.
Yes I know that 6 months of internship await us. But being a ‘student’ and an ‘intern’ are two different things.
We are bidding adieu to our student days today. Our journey is nearing an end and we are close to reaching a destination.
But isn’t the journey much more precious than the destination itself? Everyone whom we met through the years taught us something.
Well none of us are perfect. But the imperfect things we did, make perfect memories.
The joy of nearing the destination can never be complete without a wonderful journey.

Before I start thanking anyone else, I would like to thank all those patients whom I have treated. Especially those who made it a point to tell me that I treat them very well. Without our patients, what would we be? 

I feel grateful to God that I am in a field where I have the ability to make someone’s life better and change it for the good!

A huge thanks to my classmates but first I must thank 3 special people. Isha, Prachi and Snehal, you have been tremendously awesome friends who have stood by me through thick and thin.
A special thanks to:
Humaira, Tasneem, Sayalee, Krutika, Mukta, Apoorva, Shruti, Aishwarya, Siddhi, Swara, Ashwini, Urmi, Nikita, Zahara, Janaki, Pallavi, Trimbak, Namrata, Aboli, Kedar, Chinmay, Mukul, Devaki, Vandita.

If I have missed mentioning anyone please tell! 
This post is dedicated to our class. 3 cheers for us!!!!!!

I write this post with mixed emotions. Its been a tough ride upto where I have reached today. Yet somewhere the memories touch my heart and make me happy.

Have we found our way yet? Have we found what we will do, where will we go as yet? No
Only time will tell.
All I can say is that there is a content smile on my face as I end this post. 🙂

Our class!
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