Gaurav Ghatnekar

Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together to welcome none other than Gaurav Ghatnekar! Today we have with us a handsome hunk who is a talented Marathi and Hindi actor, famous for his movies like “Tujhi Majhi Love Story” and shows like “Tuj Vin Sakhya Re” among many others. He
has recently been essaying the role of Lord Krishna to perfection in a popular Hindi show called Dharmakshetra on Epic Channel.

Back after a game of squash, in a candid chat with me, he answers some of my questions-

Me: Have you always wanted to be an actor? What made you decide that you want to be an actor?
Gaurav: When I was a kid, I was fascinated by a lot of professions. One day I would want to be a bus

Gaurav Ghatnekar

conductor the other day a ‘pepsi-cola’ seller, as I grew up I wanted to be a pilot so that I could fly a plane . Then I felt like joining the army once. I realised that if I want to be so many people at once, I should be an actor! An actor can be whoever he wants and that’s the best part of it! So I guess that’s how I turned towards acting.

Me: You have been playing the role of Lord Krishna in a mythological drama series called Dharmakshetra. How has been your experience playing such an important character? What preparation did you have to do to play Lord Krishna?
Gaurav: See, the show is such that it is based in a situation where all the characters of Mahabharata try to put forth their view if they were alive today. So technically it’s not a ‘mythological’ character that I am essaying but yes I did prepare for my role like I always do. I did a bit of research on the Mahabharata and read

Gaurav Ghatnekar

books like  ‘Yugant’ and ‘The difficulty of being good’ by Gurucharan das.

Me: Whom do you consider as an inspiration when it comes to acting?
Gaurav: I have been fortunate enough to learn from Naseer sir (Veretan actor Naseeruddin Shah). He is my mentor and my first and foremost inspiration when it comes to acting. I have learnt a lot from him.
Another inspiration in terms of acting is obviously Bachchan Sir (Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan)
If you think in terms of business then definitely  Shahrukh Khan!
In Hollywood it would be Dustin Hoffman.

Me: . Do share with us a favorite/funny memory from your film ‘Tujhi Majhi Love story’
Gaurav: I really had a ball shooting that movie! We all had so much fun!

Tujhi Majhi LoveStory

Let me tell you something, I am 5’7″ in height and I had to do an action sequence with people who were way taller than me! Like 6 ft plus! So the moment I saw the shot on the screen, I burst out laughing. It was hilarious really and I still remember that.

Me: What kind of person are you on the sets?
Gaurav: I am usually a different person professionally and personally. I am usually serious at work though of course I do have my sense of dry humor.

Me: Any word of advice for those who wish to become actors?
Gaurav: Everyone study hard and don’t become actors! Those who don’t study become actors! (Laughs)  Just kidding!

Me: Just for your fans-

Gaurav Ghatnekar

Your favourite colour? GauravBlack and White both. They are the basis of all colours and can be worn anytime!

Your favourite cuisine? Gaurav- Chinese without a doubt! I can eat Chinese cuisine anytime!

Gaurav Ghatnekar

Your favourite city? Gaurav– It has to be Mumbai. I was born here and I wish to die here too.

Your favourite Marathi movie? Gaurav- In terms of acting it is ‘ Pinjara’ in terms of movie as a whole I like ‘Duniyadari’.

Me: Any upcoming projects your fans should know about?
Gaurav: I have an upcoming movie calle ‘Radio nights 6.06’ with Kadambari Kadam. I also have a movie called ‘Honeymoon’ lined up and another untitled movie.

Gaurav Ghatnekar and Kadambari Kadam
Gaurav Ghatnekar

There folks, that was Gaurav for you revealing some interesting bits about himself!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this interview!

Gaurav Ghatnekar

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Au Revoir!

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