News channels, newspapers hoardings, protests..everything is buzzing with how baba ramdeo protested & how the government reacted…. after the ghastly incident which occured yesterday night, when baba & his followers, who were protesting in a non-violent, peaceful way, were attacked by 5 thousand policemen(or gundas???) ,who lathicharged heartlessly on baba & his followers, not sparing women or children….

Now I have certain questions in my mind…

1. When baba had obtained permission for his protest, then why on earth did the government do what they did?
2. why did they go there in the middle of the night? are they such big cowards?
I guess they knew that if they had manhandled baba & his followers in daylight, they wouldn’t have been successful
3. If our government can plan such horrible events properly, if they have the capability to do that,then why on earth cant they¬† plan more better & fruitful things like the country’s delevepment, feeding the poor & preventing farmer suicides?
4. Why couldn’t they have told the baba in a peaceful manner if their only motive was to stop the satyagraha?
Many people out there do not like baba ramdeo for various reasons..
I agree that he is not the epitome of perfection…his demands of removal of the 1000 & 500 ruppee note, the black money issue & many other things are not that practical…Wiping out the dirt from our system is not going to be easy..but I think we should all admire his guts..He may be uneducated & from a rural background & his followers may consist of the same, but it is that uneducated village man from hariyana & his followers who are out there bearing the brink of the government… Its so easy for you and me to sit here & discuss what is right & wrong,but so much more difficult to be out there & face it all…..he still hasn’t broken his fast..imagine the state of that man’s health by now!!
Corruption has ruined & broken our country…the broken pieces should be brought together by us all…
Anna Hazare, Baba ramdeo & many others will continue their efforts..Its upto us to decide where we belong & which side we support…
The politicians have been agitated by baba’s plea to bring back the black money, their weakness has been brought out in the open & so they have become agressive…..what the outcome of this all chaos will be, nobody knows, but the fact is that the voice of truth cannot be supressed for long…. Jai Hind!!
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  1. True!!!That statement of yours which says that baba ramdeo n his followers r from rural and uneducated background is so appealing.It has a message in itself that if these 'illiterate' people can give such a tough fight for the menaces, why can't the 'sophisticated' and 'learned' do the same?Very well,Manasi!

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