I was 8 years old, when I read my first Harry Potter book. Since then, I haven’t ever looked back! At that age, reading Harry Potter was like making a new best friend, a friend, who stuck with me through good & bad times for 12 whole years! Harry has been a friend who made me laugh when I was upset, took me to another world, when things were not so good around me, in my world.

I still remember how excited I & my friends used to be whenever the next book of Harry Potter used to be released worldwide, travel all the way & come to a bookstore near me.

Then along came the movies.. seeing the then tiny (now so very hot!) Daniel Radcliffe play Harry, was so perfect, he was just like I had imagined Harry to be; same goes with Rupert Grint & Emma Watson, for playing Ron & Hermione.
I was fascinated, gripped by & immersed into Harry’s world.. I had even practised writing on a paper with a ‘quill’!! (apparently a pigeon feather, in my case!!)
Through the years, I never ever missed reading a Potter book, or seeing a Potter movie. I laughed (RON WEASLEY : “I want to fix that in my memory forever.” ” Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret…”, “Viktor? Hasn’t he asked you to call him Vicky yet?”, “Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow, turn this stupid, fat rat yellow.” hehehe lol)
And I cried too!! When Cedric Diggory died, I cried, so did I when Sirius Black did..I was broken when Dumbledore died, consumed with as much anger as Harry & wanted to avenge Snape! When I finally understood that Severus Snape was a noble man at the end of the series, I felt sorry for him because he always loved Lily, & did everything for her.. Voldemort, his ruthlessness & power-hungry attitude, scared me ; made me support Harry even more!!
J.K.Rowling taught the world once again in her style that the good will triumph over the evil through all difficulties, that love is the strongest emotion (which was the factor that made Harry different than Voldemort), that true friendship is selfless & loyalty gives you strength & that human imagination has no limits…
As the final movie of Harry Potter releases this weekend,I feel a twinge of sadness.. I thought of all the times, when I learnt so much from this series of Harry Potter. I feel, even though the series may have ended, Harry Potter, Ron(ald)Weasley & Hermione Granger will forever be stamped on my mind & heart. The HP series is very much a part of what I am today, good or bad.
thank you everyone who has read this, I would cast “a spell & say “Engorgio” to your happiness,so that you can drive away the “Dementors in your life with your happy Patronus when you say “Expecto Patronum”!!! & to all Harry Potter haters, may “Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes” take good care of you! Or I may just “stupefy” you!
As for me, some part of my mind will always be there at Hogwarts, talking to Hagrid & watching harry ride a Firebolt! Cheers to Harry Potter, cheers to thinking out-of-the box, cheers to weirdness,cheers to magic & therefore cheers to LIFE!!
 “It all ends” only onscreen.. off-screen Harry Potter’s world will be etched forever in our life..

P.S If you still haven’t started reading Harry Potter, go ahead & do it. Its never too late. Its totally worth the effort, I assure you! 🙂

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