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So, as I write this, Independence day 2018 is already here. A lot of things have been spoken about

and go on in our country. I would say currently, it is a tough period for all of us, with politicians fighting, riots happening and opinions divided, it’s quite a confusing phase for the nation here.

We have achieved Independence from many things, but we are still chained and bound by outdated idealogies and selfish motives.

Just today, I was reading the news of Army Major Kaustubh Rane who was martyred, along with other three army men, during infiltration operations on August 7 in the Gurez sector of Jammu & Kashmir in which two terrorists were eliminated.

We keep reading, hearing news of army jawans losing their life. Sometimes, we feel sorry, but most of the times, we remain unmoved by such kind of news.

Today, the word nationalism has been misconstrued and misused more than ever. There are people in this nation who refuse to stand up for the national anthem, just to prove a point. There are people in this country who oppose the government, who play politics, create unrest and try to divide people in the name of religion and caste.

There are people who feel pride in opposing the rules and criticizing the army. Media houses are paid to be in favour of certain views and opinions.

I say there are a lot of people with seflish agendas and vested interests in the political parties that we have in the nation. The one thing common between all of them is that they want power (and of course money.)

The problem is majority of the people today, get influenced by these people and thus fights are happening in the country in the name of caste, creed, religion and what not.

Divisive politics is a very smart strategy played by these power hungry people and they have influenced a majority of the crowd in this country.

Thus we have one set of people in the country who are blinded and prejudiced and have contrasting views. Then there’s a major set of people in the country who is indifferent. They have total apathy about the country and the happenings around them. They speak up only when it suits them.

Also, these days, it is supposed to be a fad to be criticizing the government, criticising Indian culture, disrespecting the national anthem. It’s become a trend to bash each other and get outraged at the tiniest of the things.

Under the guise of being an intellectual, liberal or a social activist, there are quite a few people who are discreetly promoting their agendas and subtly influencing people in direction they want to.

Today, on the occasion of Independence Day, I want to ask you all, everybody, including myself, a few questions…


  • Are we citizens of this country, worthy enough for that soldier to lay his life for us? Do we as citizens deserve to be defended?’


  • Are we acutely aware of the pain these people undergo just to protect us at the border and keep us safe?


  • Are we citizens who are worthy enough to represent our culture and tradition with pride on the global level?


  • Are we as citizens, growing, evolving, educating and learning on a personal & professional level?


  • Are we as citizens sensitive to others around us and do we show humanity and compassion when required?


  • Are we living upto the expectations our ancestors and freedom fighters had when they lay down their lives for us??


  • Are we citizens worthy enough to be looked upon by the world??
  • Have we justified the gift of freedom bestowed upon us??

As citizens of this country, we have full right to demand a better nation, a more safer, technically advanced and competent country.

But, as citizens it is “we” who form the nation and it is upto us to be better people in order for this country to develop.

These questions, their answers have to be sought by each one of us in our own way. There is no one right way. We have to find our path and get on to it. So that we become better citizens and people.

We have to make ourselves worthy of the freedom given to us and not just feel entitled to it.

Only then can we proudly say that we are truly Independent.

Till then, Happy whatever!

The fight continues..
Until the next post..

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au Revoir!

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  1. Moot questions..all of it. Just see the difference in behavior of Indians in a plane after landing at JFK vs. The same folks landing at say Mumbai..i mean literally all Indians.You will have your answers…

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