Hello everyone!!So, it’s been quite a while and I’m back to blogging after long! I’ve made a mental note now to be more frequent with my posts here.

Sharing with all of you a poem on humanity and it’s battle with brutality.


“When people fight over petty issues

Humanity cries

When people support the wrong

Humanity is astonished

When there are wars

where people kill

in the name of religion

when they masscare the other

without a care

Brutality is filled with smugness of it’s victory

While in the corner, Humanity bleeds…
When innocent children are harmed

when young girls are maimed

when injustice is done

Brutality gloats in glory

and slowly strangles

Humanity with it’s bare hands..

When the cloud of brutality

overtakes the morals and ethics of people

when there are hidden agendas

and selfsh motives

behind harming others

through words or actions

Humanity struggles to breath

she struggles to survive..

she struggles to break free

and wants a chance to live again..

Whilst Humanity is dying a slow death,

in her battle with brutality and cruelty..

don’t you want to know,

what could keep her alive and thriving?

what could keep her happy and carefree?

‘You’ my friend can keep her breathing..

you can help her survive through your gentleness

Through willingness to listen

with an open mind

through accepting people

irrespective of their caste, culture or creed

through speaking up when it’s due

and standing up for what’s right

Just a small gesture

a small act of kindness

a tiny bit of help

makes Humanity shine in all gloriousness

Humanity thrives on justice

She’ll flourish on forgiveness

and glow when there’s compassion..

Humanity, the essence.. binding us all

without which we will all fall

It’s upto us to make Humanity live

and help her defeat brutality with all might

by standing by what’s right..

Only we can aid her in keeping her spirit

Because no matter where we are

and what we do

we simply are



So there you go. Hope you all liked this one. and see you all soonest with a new blog post.

Till then

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au revoir.



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