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Since I haven’t done interviews featuring people on my blog recently, I thought I would like to get back to them again. I have always brought to you interviews of interesting people from various walks of life.
As a blogger myself, I feel there is nothing as interesting as interviewing and interacting with another blogger. I feel that the the healthy exchange of ideas is a great way to grow and gain new insights.
So let’s admit it,  fashion is something that we all are obsessed with, in today’s world. We love to catch up with the latest trends and are always looking for some advice, guidance and inspiration for it.
Deepshikha Sharma (Image subject to copyright) 
Today, we have with us a very talented, extremely beautiful, dedicated and intelligent person with us- Miss Deepshikha Sharma.
Deepshikha is a software engineer by the day and a fashion blogger by the evening. 
In her words, she says “Every moment I take time to step back and look at these two seemingly opposite professions co-existing, I feel happy. At that moment I feel I have subtly defied the compartmentalized perceptions of people.” 
Deepshikha Sharma (Image subject to copyright)
Deepshikha is basically from Kashmir, but was born and raised in Jammu. She completed her engineering from Bangalore and is now presently working in ETCS there. 
She is a huge pet lover ( so am I ☺ ) and has spent her entire childhood with various dogs of different breeds. Also, recently, she has shot for a campaign for animal rights and protection sponsored by Plixxo.
This pretty lass is already very popular on Instagram and has a following of more than 13,700 people, who all admire her and her unique style.  
She is the editor in chief of her blog- Vogue Ecstasy
So, I asked her a few questions and she answered them in a jiffy.. 
Me: What made you get into fashion blogging?
Deepshikha: An innate interest in fashion, complemented by a knack for writing and photography, is what primarily fuelled my interest towards blogging.
Deepshikha Sharma (Image subject to copyright)
Me: Who is your fashion inspiration?
Deepshikha: Victoria Beckham, Wendy Nguyen and Bethany Mota are the three pillars who startle me every day. These Fashion saints have an impeccable style check and I always find myself able to relate to them.
Me: Who takes majority of your photos?
Deepshikha: Utkarsh Srivastava and Parthasarathi Chakravarthi are the faces behind the camera for most of my blog posts. They are both extremely talented photographers and my dearest friends.
Me: Which camera do you prefer to use?
Deepshikha: Canon and Nikon DSLRs.
Me: What are some of your current fashion obessions?
Deepshikha: Nothing can match my love for skater dresses and skirts, and all black outfits. They are my all time favourites ! But tribal prints, florals and pastels have made home in my closet recently. You’ll be seeing a lot of these at Vogue Ecstasy.
Me: How would you describe your personal dressing style? 
Deepshikha: I prefer to keep my outfits simple yet ultra chic. The minimum can be used to the best of the benefits and you can stand out and make their eyes go sparkle while you startle.. umm? 
Me: What would you say is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?
Deepshikha Sharma (Image subject to copyright)
Deepshikha: That instant fame and glamour has made fashion blogging very attractive. And being honest here, people already have some form of their own personal style. Yours is one blog out of the millions. It has started to seem overwhelming. But if you got that X factor and an uncanny sense of confidence, sky’s the limit for you. Be Real and reflect your own style. Quality always stands out. 🙂
 Me: What would you say is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger?
Deepshikha: Oh I could count like a zillion benefits of being a fashion blogger. 
1. Blogger brunches, because the combination of delicious food and style inspiration is the perfect way to spend our Sundays.
2. Conferences are the mecca for bloggers. All across the world, bloggers can find conferences that offer helpful tips and tons of networking opportunities.
3. You never know who might end up where. Blogging is a great way to build connections and establish a network of friends and professionals.
4. You get invites to fashion week shows! 
5. Brands love us, and love to work with us.
And the list goes on…
So there folks, that was a brief chat which I had with Deepshikha. I hope you enjoyed reading our conversation. 
You can follow her on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/deepshikha_sharma_/Keep in touch on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/deepshikhasblog/

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