It seems like a frequent routine to me now, to hear people in their forties & older than that to say “You youngsters are so rude, no culture no respect, now in our times we were……..” & they go on & on & on.

It makes me wonder that are we so bad?? have we really no respect? have we lost all our modesty, & the so called ‘sanskriti’ in an effort to ‘modernize’ ourselves????

From one point of view, i feel yes…all the above views may be correct. But then again, I remember the innumerable times I and my friends have cursed the Indian government for being lazy & corrupt,the college teachers for not teaching properly, the rickshaw wallah for not driving according to the meter system, the petrol pumps for not filling the entire amount of petrol for which we pay,the dirty roads full of garbage, & so on & so forth..the amount of discussions we have had at such instances are endless. Thinking a bit deeper,doesn’t that show that in spite of being the so called new generation, we do have a ‘conscience’ deep rooted in us

When I come to think of it, right at this moment, like me, thousands of youngsters in India wearing the so called “Cool” tag on their T-shirts will be doing so many supposedly “Uncool ” things. Why?? Is it just because we “have” to or somewhere we “want to” too??

 My point is, if we, today’s generation are becoming more aware of the current situation in India, we do it because we understand that some things are wrong & they must be set right…
I know some where every one of us wants a better India

 I want to set forth this view across India, that we may be modern and upto date with the current trends across the world. That’s what the current India needs to develop.. so what, wearing jeans & a Tee is what we are comfortable in..but deep in our hearts we all should realise that we are basically true Indians by blood & our forefathers should rest in peace, because their values and culture are still running in us even though very subtley!

Also I feel that the people of the older generation should also learn to accept us just the way we are. Maybe we wear jeans and tees and what else, but that doesn’t make us “less sanskari” and and “without values” It’s high time they understood that!!

And as youngsters we all should realise that just to be cool and hip we need not disrespect our own culture and values. Yes superstitions are bad but the good values which our country has like living in peace and harmony and many such other things, such things we should value and respect! Gone are the days when we youth used to say” Iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta” Our country is in our hands! 

On a lighter note.. the pani puri & pav bhaji stalls are increasing day by day! even if young people stuff their mouths with a cheesy pizza…no Indian youngster would be able to ignore the alluring aroma of the great “vada-pav”or the “kachchi dabeli”!!! no!

I don’t see that happening in the places in India where I have been.

Indianess is reflected everywhere!

 So my friends do go & tell the world that we may have modernised ourselves but the finishing touch is wholely & truely Indian..!!!because the bond of love is the strongest. Deep rooted values never argue whether a lungi or dhoti, is better than the jeans or leggings!

The age old debate of the generations will go on all over the country I guess. So just relax and enjoy it like a show!!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy, Be You

Au Revoir!

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