Today, there will be festivities all around. It is the 68th Indian Independence Day. I started the morning listening to the wonderful speech by the Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi. It was a good start to the day I guess.

PM Narendra Modi
In today’s times there is this so called ‘fad’ of days. Valentines Day, Mother’s day, Fathers Day, Friendship’s Day and so on.
In such times.. Has Independence Day just become one of them???? I hope not.
The whole year there are some people who are least interested in what is going on in the nation. This one day they come up with pictures and slogans for India. Isn’t this hypocrisy?
I have always been a hardcore patriot and if you observe many of the posts on my blog are about India.
and no I haven’t posted them ‘only’ on Independence Day.
I am not demeaning anyone out there. I just feel that one day is not enough to show our patriotism. Don’t you feel the same??
I know each one of you my readers, loves India otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.
I just want to say that celebrating Independence Day is amazing. It truly is. But we must not forget that apart from this day, the rest of the 364 days too, we should stick to our patriotism. 
I think the recent elections and the announcement of the new government on May 16, 2014 is one truly inspiring example of what miracles can we all do if we decide to come together and do something.
i won’t get into the details of what India is facing today. I suppose everyone is aware of it. From corruption, to rapes, to terrorism to poverty, I think we all know where we stand.
I know my country isn’t perfect. But out of the very few sensible movies that Bollywood makes, there is this dialog from a very popular patriotic movie- “Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota.. Usse perfect banana padta hai” which means that no country is perfect. It has to be made perfect.
I think this sentence is very applicable today. It is us who have to make India perfect. And for that the same strong feeling of patriotism that we feel today, should be kept up throughout the year. Only then can our steps towards progression be constructive and fruitful. 

We are not a perfect nation. We have our faults. But we are a nation of fighters. We are a nation of spirit and courage. We are a nation of valor & values and we must never forget that.

Throughout the years, through all the struggles, today here we are. We are standing, Even though we may fumble sometimes, still we are standing. A nation which makes up for almost 17 percent of the world’s population.. amidst all the chaos we stand Independent and that my friends means a lot, doesn’t it???
so let us all celebrate today’s day keeping in mind that the passion for the nation which we feel today, shouldn’t burn out for the rest of the year.

Happy Independence Day!

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Your thoughts please?