I was contemplating whether I should write a post on the JNU issue or not. My twiddling thumbs and thoughtful mind finally had to pin a short post.

On February 9 2016,  Anti-National slogans were shouted at the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. A campus which is well known and regarded with high esteem by many.

The slogans supported the terrorist Afzal Guru who was the prime convict for the attack on Indian Parliament. Afzal Guru was hanged at Delhi’s Tihar Jail on 9 February 2013. His family was not informed about the execution.

Now India is a democratic country with freedom of speech. One can argue that the students had a right to voice their opinions even if it was in favour of not hanging Afzal Guru. Voicing one’s opinion is one thing and shouting anti-national slogans is one thing. The slogans contained destructive words and violent attitude towards India. “Bharat ke tukde honge hazaar” (India will be broken into a thousand pieces) “Bharat ki barbadi tak jung zaari rahegi” (Our fight will continue until India is destroyed) such were the slogans shouted.

Naturally, it will offend any true, nation loving citizen of India (including myself) if they hear such slogans.

The entire nation went into frenzy post this incident. The media houses have been on fire, updating us about Kanhaiya Kumar who is supposedly the one who has been raising anti- national slogans. Then later Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya came in the picture.

Yesterday, Kanhaiya Kumar was released by the government with a warning. He was welcomed like a hero post his release.

The speech he gave for which he had 23 days in jail to think and prepare, is being applauded and appreciated. One carefully thought of speech to save his own neck and twisted and manipulated words and carefully appearing innocent speech makes a hero out of a power hungry individual in this nation! Where are we heading?

Kanhaiya Kumar is not an anti national according to me. He is a power hungry person who loves to have people by his side. Hence he can easily change his opinions from time to time according to his convenience.

He said he wanted freedom in India and not from India. Well, where was he, when the Congress was
corrupting the entire nation? The corrupt can earn black money, in fact they have been doing it for years post Independece and that’s ok for Kanhaiya it seems, but when the Government says it will make an effort to bring back black money, it is mocked by Kumar.

I agree that the lawyers who burst with rage at Patiala did not do it right. No lawyer can take the law in his own hands and by being violent they did the wrong thing. They could have raised the voice in a better manner if they wanted to.

These days, anyone who supports the Modi government is termed as a ‘Bhakt’ and ‘Hindu Fanatic’ Praising terrorists and showing sympathy for them has become the so called ‘it’ thing and cool thing to do. Anti government news channels, anti national journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghosh are praised, lauded and supported. Supporting a person who has been charged with sedition is not a right thing to do.

The government rightly took an action to put them behind the bars. I love my country and anyone who speaks of destroying it, insults it in the biggest manner and insults the soldiers who lay their lives in protecting us and keeping us safe. Just because a person is a student from a particular university, should he be pardoned?

The Congress is playing a very smart power game. The JNU issue is just a facade to hide the game they are playing. They are diving the nation into Hindu and Muslim, Brahmin and Dalit, Gandhi and Savarkar and they intend to win back the next election by portraying the Modi government as prejudiced and cruel.

I am afraid that the poison they are trying to instill in the minds of the people of our country is slowly killing the peace, mutual understanding and the love and nationalism for each other and the nation.

The anti Indian forces are trying to divide our country so that they can benefit from it themselves, bank on votes and win elections and continue with the corruption they were earlier.

I am not a Modi ‘bhakt’ but I feel that he is one of the most deserving Prime Ministers our nation has had. Yes India still has a long way to in terms of many issues but fighting with each other on the basis of caste and religion is not going to do any good or not going to help development of anyone. To make a difference we need to stand together as one and not be divided into groups.

I just hope these power games played by Rahul and Sonia Gandhi and other politicians and journalists with vested selfish interests don’t destroy the unity of our country.

Lance Naik Hanumanthappa

No, Kanhaiya Kumar is not  my hero, My hero is Lance Naik Hanumanthappa and thousands of other soldiers like him who are unsung, not famous, yet solidly standing behind us and with us all the time.

We need to wake up before it is too late!!!


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