Life is like a game
Of snakes and ladders

Sometimes sad
Sometimes happy

Sometimes up
Sometimes down
Sometimes happening
Sometimes risky

Life can be a gift
as well as a curse
only the perspective matters
only the use matters

Life is an experience
and experiment for all of us
Life is also a teacher

Life is to see
to learn
to understand
to grow

Life is
all around
for us
to experience it

Each life has a meaning
Each life has a purpose
Each life is an irrevocable gift
which once gone
cannot be returned

So cherish each moment
Cherish each day
Cherish each second
and make life a memorable gift

To give
and to receive
and to enjoy
an expensive gift
called “Life”

Aditi Jog

Written and submitted by Aditi Jog (Reiki Healer and teacher, law student, Pune)

I hope you all loved this superb poem by Aditi. One of my personal favourites!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You!

Au Revoir!

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