Mistakes often frustrate

mistakes make you depressed
they make you feel small
they make you feel low
they make you feel as if 

you are not worth and all hollow

Mistakes often land you down in the dumps
they make you blame yourself
they hurt your ego 
they make you feel rejected 
and of course dejected
they land you into trouble 
and make you speak lies 
But from every mistake if you rise
like a phoenix from the ashes
then no mistake can make you


feel the need to criticize
Mistakes teach you
only if you choose to learn from them
every mistake is a way to grow
only if you allow it to do so 
Don’t wallow in self pity or self loathing 
instead choose to grasp 
and let every mistake
make you understand

exactly where you stand
 Don’t berate yourself
because for every mistake you do
there is always a way to make it right
so that you can stand upright

in front of the mirror
and look at yourself
with valor 
Admitting a mistake
is not a sign of weakness
it is a sign of inner strength
and of good mental health
Don’t repeat the same mistake
as it is then your habit
but choose to make new ones
to absorb and assimilate
Mistakes.. mistakes..
Afterall who doesn’t make them?  
We are human 
Made of flesh and blood
and the path to success
is often one where
we overcome and confront them
So let them be
After a mistake rest and recover

Think a bit and ponder

so that you may discover
the best of what
the world has to offer…__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mistakes make you real.. They make you human. When you set out to correct them, they can teach you a lot and lead you to success! So stay happy and keep growing!!


Copyright- www.manasiwrites.com 

Manasi Joshi. 

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