It was January 2015, I was back from my month long course in Australia and  was hunting for a job and landed in Mumbai. In fact, I had decided to come to Mumbai  two years back when I was studying. Somehow, I felt I should try and see if working in Mumbai works for me.

It so happened that I landed up in Vile Parle in the Western side of Mumbai, in a PG (sharing paying guest) a system where you share your room with other girls

I shifted my base from Pune to Mumbai and with my luggage, kissing my Mom a bye, landed up in the PG.

I have lived in Mumbai as a child, for 5 years, completed my schooling there,  so Mumbai isn’t something totally new to me. But living in a city, away from the comfort of home, was something I wasn’t used to at all. I wasn’t used to living with just a bed, some clothes, without Television or a washing machine to wash clothes or a maid to wash vessels.  Doing everything on my own! Oh God! that was my first challenge! Doing cooking, cleaning, and the rest! Phew! so tiring!

The other thing  which you notice when you begin living in Mumbai is the humidity. As a person who has lived in Pune almost all my life, the first thing you notice is that.  Pune has a pleasant, non-humid climate, that was my first errr ‘not-so-pleasant’ observation. Another thing you notice is the lack of space. So many buildings. Property is the costliest in Mumbai and it is difficult to even rent a good place here and those who wish to buy houses, have to pay in crores in the main locations.

I met a girl called Richa Singh in my PG who was my roommate. When I first saw her, I never could have imagined we would hit off instantly and become good friends so soon. She is an event management graduate and was working with Masterchef India for their season 4 at that time in the production department at that time.

We both lived in the same PG with the owner of the house, Seema Rangnekar whom we called “Aunty.”

Aunty was at  least 60 years old, thin and a bit err weird.. She used to store food in the refrigerator for weeks and not eat it, put mud from her plants in the kitchen sink and what else! She also had acted in small roles in various Marathi movies and Hindi commercials. She was cold and crazy but since it was none of my business as to how she was, I decided to ignore her as long as she didn’t interfere with me and my life.

Anyway coming back to more observations, when it was time to go to first day at work, the Mumbai rush in the local trains welcomed me.

Lakhs of people travel in the well known local trains in Mumbai.

Every morning, it is a sight to watch! It is a sea of people at the station. I realized the amount of human population we Indians have when I entered the station. Haha!

It took a lot of pushing, pulling and leaving a train or two to get inside one and finally reach my work place- a clinic in Mumbai ( I am a physiotherapist by profession and writer by passion)

Another thing you notice is the “vada pav” thelas (shops) all over the city. Yes we do get Vada Pav in Pune and I like it, but the ones available here are pretty tasty and you see people all over eating a Vada Pav on the go to satisfy their hunger pangs or bonding over with friends over a Vada Pav and “Chaai” (tea)

On my first day at work, I met the director of Dhoom and Dhoom 2 series- Sanjay Gadhvi who had come to clinic as a patient.

It was then that I realized that I had come to the city of “Bollywood” I smiled inwardly.

The other thing one notices soon in Mumbai is the cosmopolitan culture. You will find people from all over the country here. I am a Maharashtrian but I love meeting people from other parts. I had always been like that ever since I was a kid. In fact, the best thing I like about Mumbai is it’s Cosmopolitan culture.

I find it totally awesome to meet new people from different places and getting to know more about them.

So the climate change, new location, new roomie, Bollywood,
new workplace and new people, that sort of sums up my start to staying in Mumbai.

Keep watching my blog for what happened next and for other interesting posts.

Till then,

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au Revoir.

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