Although I was born in Pune and lived there for most of my life, my circumstances were such, that I have been traveling to Mumbai ever since I was born and have lived in Mumbai for five years. Currently too, I reside here- in Mumbai.

The two cities, Mumbai and Pune are so geographically close yet so different! I notice these tiny differences in both the cities each and every time I travel to and fro!


The age old argument whether “Bombay”(Mumbai) is better or “Poona”(Pune) still goes on whenever people from these two cities meet.

There are a vast number of differences and it’s almost impossible to jot them all. Nevertheless, here are some interesting differences-

  • Mumbaikars talk of one place to another in terms of time- For e.g- Dadar is an half an hour away from Churchgate by fast train.
  • Punekars talk in terms of kilometers- For e.g- Bibwewadi 12.3 kms away from Ferguson Road.
  • Mumbai is a city which never sleeps, everyone here is awake almost 24 X 7
  • Pune is awake till 11 pm in the night maximum and yes people in Pune are asleep in the afternoons and shops are shut from 1 pm to 3 or 4 pm usually.
Transport in Mumbai
  • For Mumbaikars, local train is the best mode of transport, cheap and easy.
  •  For Punekars, their own vehicle is the best mode of transport and they travel by it wherever they please according to their will.
    Transport in Pune

  • For Mumbaikars the street food on the go is ‘Vada Pav & Samosa Pav’
    Vada Pav
  • For Punekars the street food on the go is ‘Kachchi Dabeli & Misal Pav’

Kachchi Dabeli
  • Despite being a city in Maharashtra, Mumbaikars speak in ‘Hindi’ almost all of the time. A Maharashtrian learns to speak Hindi in Mumbai!
  • Pune has preserved it’s Maharashtrian culture and speak in ‘Pure Marathi’ almost all of the time. A Non Maharashtrian learns to speak to Marathi in Pune!

  • Think Mumbai- Think Business. Mumbai is the best city to earn money and is the business capital of the country
  • Think Pune- Think Education. Pune is also called the Oxford of the East and is the best city to learn and get a good degree.

  • Mumbaikars are famous for their “spirit” and even when they are on the go, they will help you if they can.
  • Punekars are famous for their “Puneri” attitude and are a bit reserved and are famous for their “attitude.”

  • Mumbai is a moving city with people moving about all the time. Hustle bustle is a part of Mumbai!
  • Pune is the best city to relax and chill out as life here is comparatively slower.
  • Mumbai has wonderful beaches and Bollywood!
  • Pune has forts from Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s time and  ‘Peshwai’ tradition!
  • The climate in Mumbai is very humid and the rainy season is pretty heavy here!
  • The climate in Pune is cool and pleasant most of the times and rainy season is comparatively lighter!
Lalbaughcha Raja – Mumbai
  • The Ganesh Chaturthi Festival is celebrated here with glamour and Bollywood songs. Mumbai has ‘Lal Baugcha Raja’ as it’s king!
  • The Ganesh Festival was started by Lokmanya Tilak in Pune and it still keeps up with the original tradition by plays, “lay jhim” and “dhol” playing among many other things. No Bollywood for Punekars please! Pune has ‘Dagdusheth Halwai’ Ganpati and 5 ‘manache ganpati’ 
Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati – Pune
  • For Mumbaikars ‘Chowpatty’ means a some food available near the beach
  • For Punekars ‘Chowpatty’ means food at Camp in Pune without any water in far sight!
So whether it’s Marine Drive at night in Mumbai or visiting the ‘Parvati’ mountain early morning in Pune, each city has it’s own charm.

Marine Drive- Mumbai
Parvati Mountain- Pune
I find it totally impossible to say which is better although the residents of each city will claim that their city is better than the other. 
As for me, I love both the cities. ( No actually, do I love Pune more because I am a punekar?? umm.. Can’t really decide…!!! )
Do visit these two cities if you haven’t and I am sure you will have a unique and fulfilling experience of both of them and then you can decide whether ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ is better or “Amhi Punekar” is!!

Or just like me, you can relax and enjoy and love both the cities for their differences!

Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.

Au Revoir!

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