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So it’s been like really too long that I have posted a recipe on my blog.. Especially a dessert. Since I don’t have a sweet tooth and prefer spicy food over sweet, I hardly appreciate any desserts that come my way. But a while ago I had nutella pancakes at a cafe in Mumbai ¬†which were way too good and the idea to prepare them stuck in my head.

As I had time to cook something today, I decided to try making nutella whole wheat pancakes at home.

I’m sharing the recipe with all of you. It’s pretty quick and easy.


Ingredients needed for dough:

1. Sugar (4-5 tablespoons)

2. Whole wheat flour (according to requirement. apprx 4-5 cups)

3. Milk (1 to 1 and half cups)

4. Curd ( 2-3 tablespoons)

5. Cardamom i.e elaichi (4 pods)

6. Water

7. Nutella ( 2 tablespoons)

8. Baking soda (Optional)


1. Mix the ingredients properly and knead the dough till it becomes thick yet soft. Let the dough rest for 1 to 2 hours..

2. Heat a frying pan. You have to roll the pancakes like you usually do so for chapatis. Give them proper round shape according to your preference.

3. Now roast the pancakes on the pan. You can add oil or butter to cook them as per your wish. I used oil.

4. Once you are done preparing the pancakes, apply nutella paste over them either on one side or on both sides as per your wish.

Your nutella whole wheat pancakes are ready!!!

You can serve them with any type of ice cream and fruit you wish.

I have served them with vanilla ice cream and pomogranate fruit.

Indulge tn the dessert and enjoy!!

That’s it from me now.

Catch up with you all soon!


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  1. This sounds so yummy. I wish I had read this a couple of days ago, when we had just purchased the jar of Nutella. It took me and my wifey just a couple of days to empty the jar with regular visits to the refrigerator (with a spoon in hand). :pLoved reading. Do drop by mine.Cheers,CRDClick -> Scripted In Sanity

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