As we are towards the end of this year, let us take a moment to review how the year was. I guess everyone has had his or her own experiences of good and bad during the year. Personally for me, it was a tough year, where I went through many changes, ups and downs, highs and lows, many changes and many harsh realities to face. I moved back from Mumbai to Pune. Had some changes related to my career, faced lows in my personal life like mourning the loss of my grandfather, facing criticism from people when it was not my fault, being judged for what I do and where I come from, etc etc. I ended up feeling low for quite sometime.

But as I look back, I just see how far I have come. I see how this year has changed me for the good, for the better and made me more resilient, more practical, more proactive and more accepting of people and situations. I see how going through the things I went through, has made me more positive, more compassionate and more careful of how I react to situations. I see how wise and thoughtful this year has made me and I feel thankful. As I write this, I have a smile on my face. As I write this, I am reminded of the Phoenix.
If you are a Harry Potter Fan like me and remember Fawkes the Phoenix bird from the book (or the movies) or if you just believe in or love the bird Phoenix, then you know what I am talking about. For those who don’t know the Phoenix is a mythologically magical creature, originating from ancient Greece, who rises from the ashes and get’s reborn once he is burnt. It has many references in many books, poems and literature.
So here’s a poem from me, for all of you.
The fire which burns the Phoenix
is hot, scalding and terrifying
yet the phoenix faces it’s fate

burning in flames

with courage and bravery
It goes through the painful transformation
The ashes from the fire scatter all around
and just when you think the Phoenix has given up
just when you think it is no more
It peeks and looks up at you
alive and thriving..


That Phoenix
Get’s up in resolve
and Rises
It’s new birth has just begun..
It spreads it’s glorious wings to fly
It soars high and above
Shining in it’s all glory
 beaming in it’s beauty
and soaking all happiness
It flies up and above
never to look back again…
So rise just like the Phoenix,
From the ashes of pain
the ashes of guilt
the ashes of blame
and the
ashes of hurt
Rise like the Phoenix
from the ashes of the past
from the ashes of yesterday
from the ashes of sorrow
and the worries of tomorrow
For every end
marks a new beginning
for every night
is followed by dawn
Rise and spread your wings
of joy and happiness
of positivity and courage
of ambition and action
Soar high into the sky
of your hopes and dreams
of your desires and wishes
and never look back again
For inside you
lies the Phoenix
who can transform itself
Always and forever…
Thank You.
Hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Do enjoy the last few days of this year and soar into the new year like a just reborn Phoenix bird full of joy and happiness. Catch you all soon.
Till then
Dream. Imagine. Be Crazy. Be You.
Au Revoir.
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