Part A

Two months back, I was posted in Sahyadri speciality hospital (deccan gymkhana, Pune) for my Clinical postings… Just like my daily routine, I went to college & then to my postings…. I travel on my pink Scooty pep+ everyday, as I have no other option, except to drive…(I despise driving actually…i get freaked out)
As I was driving at a slow speed & was about to take a left turn, a man on his motorbike came from the wrong side, suddenly swerved his bike in front of me & we were about to crash horribly into one another…

thankfully I pulled my brakes just in time,hitting a stone in process & losing my balance …. “dekh nahi sakte kya uncle??” I yelled at him…

He replied by mouthing a few, very classic bad words at me… I was furious..& I realised that I was shaking with shock, my left arm & right ankle hurt & of course I was late……
Trying to come back to normal, I sped up my scooty a bit & finally reached the hospital… I quicky put on my white apron & other necessary things & ran inside the hospital… I was still I gulped down some water… I went to report to my professor who gave me a ticking off for being late…. cursing my bad luck, I went to the HDU (high dependency unit ) as I was posted there….
                                                 Part B
As I entered the Air conditioned room, with a mask & my sanitised hands, I spotted my classmates n seniors here there treating patients… My friend saw me & came to me.. “there’s a new patient today, we have to give him passive movements for the lower limbs,& mobilise his trunk.. he has a spinal cord injury…”she said… I nodded…. we both gave the necessary treatment to the guy…He was quite young, in mid-twenties.. I wondered  what exactly the case was & made a mental note to myself to check up his case file later on…
After about two full hours of treating other patients with respiratory excercises, active-assisted, active resisted movements,stretching etc; I finally decided I had done enough for the day….
I went to the table along with my friend for file reading & I picked up that guy’s file to read… As I opened it up & was going through the details of biochemical tests done on him, the vitals the hospital staff had checked, I came to the page where the cause was written… There were only 3 letters written – RTA… (full form- ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT) I also read the senior doctor’s report stating  that the patient had multiple spinal cord injuries in the lumbar & sacral regions… from whatever more the report contained I understood that the patient had loss of motor skills in both the lower extremities…. I shut the file with shaking hands & took a few deep breaths… my friend asked me.. “why are you so red in face?? are you alright??” not bothering to reply, I almost ran out of the HDU with the words “road traffic accident ” etched onto my mind….
                                                                   Part C
I called myself silly for being scared of accidents, I mean , every day, every second an accident happens somewhere & someone or the other gets injured or dies..for that matter,As a medical student, I see so many injuries daily & so many variety of dieseases,s but none of it had affected me as much as it had that day… even when I closed my eyes,I saw flashes of the man I was about to crash into & unconscious guy in front of my eyes.. this happened the entire day…. The stinging hurt in my arm & leg was much less than the worry I had in my head.. I wondered how life would have been without vehicles, boring & slow definitely..but it would have been much much more safer…..
Yes, everyone has to die someday, but dying daily because of some serious injury due to a RTA is worse than death… People say, “wear helmets” but I personally do have practical problems with a helmet so I dont wear it regularly…& a helmet protects only your head, what about the rest of you??
today, the traffic in cities, especially Pune, has become uncontrollable, its as if we are in hell, with people coming from any directions, wrong sides, rash drivers… of course, the condition of our roads, our hectic schedules & the poor traffic management by the cops is also to be blamed for the increasing RTAs in India…

I would say that I am not against driving because it is the most convenient mode of trasport, I would just like to put forth my views that whenever we drive, we should take into consideration the risks involved in driving & the various horrible consequences that accidents can have….We can avoid accidents because driving properly is in our hands and we can try to manage it,don’t you think that natural calamities & terrorism are already killing enough people??? So before stepping onto your vehicle, just be calm, smile, drive a bit cautiously, and yes,don’t forget to enjoy the wind blowing across your face as you drive… Happy Driving people, STAY SAFE…!!!!!

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