Samir was alone in his room. Heavily

drunk. Sakshi, his girlfriend, left him,

a few months back. Reason? She had

caught him visiting a brothel.

Even worse, she came to know the

girl in the brothel were under-18.

She had slapped him, cried for a day

or two and then packed her bags

and left. They had been in a live-in

since 2 years before that.

Samir was rich. Even though 25, he

was a big businessman thanks to his

sharp skills.He was soft spoken,

humble and a quiet guy.

Add to that his collection of cars and

his fit body, he was everything a girl

could ask for.

But he fell for Sakshi. She seemed

like the definition of beauty. The

slim waist, those deep black eyes

below the beautiful eyebrows. That

long hair tied in a bun, a strand of

which came to her face.

His jaw dropped when he first saw

her and just like a stupid romeo, he

straightaway went and proposed her.

At first, she was shocked and looking

at his Audi A8 and his clothes, she

took him to be a rich spoilt brat of a

rich parent who slept around with


But how wrong she was! All Samir

had inherited from his Dad was a

piece of land to setup his company.

And after continuously asking her for

a date for two months and getting

denied, he hacked into her facebook

account and changed her password.

He wasn’t a genius for nothing. Not

to mention,that he gazed at her

pictures all day.

And after offering to give her

account back to her if she agreed for

a date, Sakshi had no choice but to

accept. Not that she couldn’t complain to

the police, but Samir’s simplicity

had started to show the effect on


And after the first date, she just

couldn’t turn back. She just fell for

him. She came to know how he had

erected his own fortune, and how he

had never got any time for girls until

he met her. He wanted to change

the world. To change the society. To

help people. She knew, he wasnt

lying. She could read that in his

eyes. Three days after their first

date, they shared their first kiss,

seven days later, they lost their

virginity and 12 days later, she had

moved to his apartment.

They seemed true soulmates for each

other until she came to know that

he was visiting a brothel lately.

Even his friends didnt believed that.

Simply because, Samir wasn’t that

type of guy; and more importantly,

because he was happy with Sakshi.

And since she left him, he had

started drinking heavily.

And now, instead of visiting the

brothel, he started calling the girls

at his place.

He cried when he was alone,

remembering the moments he had

spent with Sakshi and how much

wrong she had taken him to be.

Obviously, there isn’t only a single

side to a story. Likewise, Samir too,

visited the brothel for an hour. He

used to hand the agent hard cash

and ask for the youngest girl they

had in the brothel. And obviously,

he asked for a closed private


Money has its own advantages, you


And sometimes, when the girl was

escorted to his compartment, he

used to be shocked that some were

as young as 12 or 13.

His heart would cry but not him. He

was strong.

 He used to make them sit and ask

them how they were brought here

and what do they get and do they go

to school and thousands of

questions. Obviously, he wasn’t a

pedophile. Neither a lust driven

man. Even the girl would be

surprised that he was so humble and

polite. And he didn’t want to have sex

with them. For those girls, Samir was

a ray of hope.

And after talking with them on the

first meeting, Samir started teaching

the girl whoever was escorted to

him. And while departing, he would

give the girl 1000 bucks for herself.

He used to say that she would need

them. He used to send the girls books too, so that they could learn by

themselves. Not to mention that he paid the agent for the appoint too.

In subsequent visits, Samir became

the favorite of both category of


The agents or in desi, the

dalaals, because he paid them well

as well as the girls because he was

just so good. Polite. Honest. They

were at a loss of adjectives for him.

Obviously, they knew what adjectives

meant cause he had taught that to

some of them lately. And yes, all this

was kept a secret between Samir and

the girls. Obviously, most of them

were either sold by their parents

when they were young or some were

just kidnapped and brought there.

None of them wanted to work there

and Samir was their only flame in

the darkness. They were happy to

keep the secret. All this was going

on when the lightning struck. And

it had to, with Samir’s mind

elsewhere. Sakshi could read his

mind. She knew something was

wrong. And then she saw it herself,

one day. 
But all she saw was Samir going in the brothel. And yes,

she could be forgiven for being

judgmental. Anyone could be.

Samir decided to not tell her the

truth, because he felt pained that

she believed him to be a cheater.

He remained silent when she asked

if that was true and taking his

silence to be a yes, she cried days

and nights, finally leaving. Samir

cried himself too.

But then he decided to divert his

mind to his old work.

He worked at his office in the day,

and started calling the girls at night

to his apartment. He paid a good

amount to the agents so they were

happy to send him one for the


And obviously, he would teach the

respective girl all night. All girls

used to wait with bated breath for

their chance to visit him because he

was so nice to them. The girls had

formed a bond among themselves

because of the ‘Samir secret’ and

they had a sense of unity among


Samir had started taking sleep

deprivation pills to stay up all night

and it was getting a good amount of

hard work from him to work so hard

both in the day and in the night.

And today, was another such day.

Usual! He had come from the office

at 6. The girl would come at 8. And

in between those two hours, he

drank and he cried. He cried

everyday for Sakshi. He wanted her

back so bad. It was two months

since she left. And he felt hollow

inside himself. Obviously, he loved

her so damn much.

He was crying when he heard a

knock on the door. He saw his watch.

It was 8 o’clock.

The respective girl must have


 He quickly got up. Washed his face

to wipe the tears and brushed to

eliminate the smell of alcohol and

then went to the door.

He pulled the door inside. And


A slap landed right on his left

cheek. It was Sakshi.

She pounced on him like a tigress

and then grabbing his hair towards

her, kissed him the hardest she

could. Samir was at a loss of words.

Tears flowed from the eyes of both of

them as she threw him on the bed.

‘Why didn’t you tell me that?’ She

asked as she broke the kiss and

cried on his chest.

‘I was waiting. Waiting for you to

realise on your own.’

They kissed, they cried, they made

out for the next hour or so in their


‘Oh shit!’ Sakshi exclaimed

remembering something.

‘What?’ Samir questioned.

‘I left the girl outside.’ Sakshi

replied. And went towards the door

before remembering she was naked.

She covered herself up with a

bed sheet and then looked for the

girl outside the door but she

couldn’t see anyone. Her eyes fell

on the ground and she saw a letter

slipped under the doormat.

She picked it up and started reading

as more tears rolled down her eyes.

‘Samir’ she blurted out with effort

through her tears.

He came rushing to her. Seeing the

letter in her hand he her what was

that. All she did was handle the

letter to him.

He took the letter and started


“Samir bhaiya,

Thank you so much for the help. And

the money. And for being polite.

And for the teachings.

Thank you for everything.

Today, we all girls have decided to execute the plan that we had

devised in the last few days. We are

fleeing. Yes, with the money we have

and with whatever we have learnt,

we can start a new life.

The one, in which, we could do

something better than selling our


People say that we can just feel god,

but we have seen him. He looks like


Thanks for our new life.


The prostitute whom you never saw

as one :-)”

As he finished reading the letter, a

smile escaped through his tears.

A smile that said that he knew this

was going to happen. He knew what

they needed was education and

hope. And money. And he gave them

all three. He knew this was bound to


He took the letter, pushed it in a

book lying nearby as he picked up

Sakshi in his arms and went for a

happy, merry night once again.

Written and Submitted by ANAND VERMA. (IIT Student, Jaipur, Rajasthan)

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