Early morning,
she got up, readied & was on her way,
Oh my,it was a busy day!!
tired,frustrated & hurried,
she rushed through the day oh so worried!
even when all the work was done, 
she still felt something was left totally undone,
Tried so hard but couldn’t rembember
what was it that was left to do?
Still figuring out what she had missed,
she walked through the streets,
where evening ended &
the night hissed,
She saw a child playing on one street,
she stopped, he looked so sweet,
the child looked up at her,
expressed an emotion so pure,
he reminded her
and understood she 
that throughout the day,
after walking for many a mile
she had forgotten to SMILE!!!

Ah!! that was the work she had forgotten!

ashamed was she, 
that she had forgotten to smile,
so, gratefully smiled she at the child,
who smiled at her again and again……
friends, let not smile be just another work for you like this person in the poem,let your smile be that of happiness & contentment…like that of the child…smile & make someone’s day better..!!

Your thoughts please?