Hello people! As the ‘feel’ week of my blog fest continues, I have for you today a unique personality.
She is tall, smart & intelligent. Meet Smita Poojary.
Let us see what this lanky lass has to say to us!

She answered all of my questions questions deftly and with spontaneity!

smita poojary

Me: Tell us something about yourself. What do you do?
Smita: I did my post graduation in Physics from Mumbai University. I live in Mumbai. I love music, watching movies, playing sports like volleyball, badminton & table tennis.

Me: Tell me one incident from your life from which you have learnt something.
Smita: Actually the incident is quite memorable. I thought of it as something serious but now when I think of it, I laugh. I was in school (5th standard). After the unit test exam, I was handed over the marks of one subject. I was really shocked on taking a look at the marks & my paper. My scores were fine but not upto the mark. Being an intelligent student I always scored excellent & at that time, those marks were not good according to my standards.
I was scared and decided not to show the marksheet to my parents. Days went by & I didn’t utter a word to my parents.
But I ran out of luck one day. My mother came to know about me receiving my marksheet through one of my classmates!
I expected my mother to shout at me for not achieving good marks in the exam.
To my surprise my mother didn’t shout at me for that. She did however scold me & I did receive a few beatings but that was because I had hidden the paper from her.

After all that drama was over, I learnt from it. That incident made me realize that lying does us no good. We should always be honest with our parents & share everything with them whether it be good or bad.

smita poojary

Me: One thing you love about our country & one thing you don’t (since it is August, the ‘Independence Day’ month)
Smita: The thing I love about India- It’s diversity. People from different religions and caste live together in harmony
and I also love the amazing Indian cuisine!

The thing I don’t like– The weak law system. Because of this the criminals & crooked minded people take full advantage & it is one of the reasons for the increasing crime rate in our country.

smita poojary

Me: Any memorable incident related to monsoon?
Smita: I just love monsoon! Being a Mumbaikar, there can be nothing more stress relieving than a walk at Marine Drive on a rainy day. Add to that the pleasure of eating a ‘bhutta’ (corn) !!

Manasi Joshi (ME)

Smita is one of the most intelligent people I know. She is usually quiet & can come off as a bit reserved & serious. She isn’t that much of a talker and nor is the expressive type but yes, she is a loyal friend and her quiet countenance speaks more about her than she herself does!

smita poojary

Well folks, that was Smita for you. I am sure we all can relate to whatever Smita has shared with us today.
What are you waiting for? So go out and enjoy the rains just like her.

Will be back tomorrow with a unique story & a different person.
Keep watching this blog. Enjoy!!!

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