It’s summer again. Whether you live in cities which have dry heat like Delhi, Bangalore or Pune or humid heat like Mumbai, Chennai or Goa, summer is in and we all need a few handy tips to beat the heat!

Here are a few tips which may be handy-
1. Stay hydrated.
Keep yourself hydrated and prevent dehydration and fatigue by drinking lots of water. Drinking 3-4 litres of water in a day is a must in summer, especially if you travel outside frequently like I do. So always carry your bottle of water with you. 
2. Protect your head.
Whether it is wearing a scarf or a cap or carrying an umbrella, it is always better to protect your head to avoid sun strokes and giddiness and sun burns.
3. Wear Sunglasses.
The UV rays are high during summer and it is always best to wear sunglasses to beat them.
4. Wear summer clothing.
By summer clothing I mean something not very tight and sticking to the skin. Loose clothing, preferably cotton, and something covering your body to avoid too much tanning. 
5. Food.
Consuming fresh vegetables and fruits, curd, yogurt and butter milk help your body in summer. Coconut water helps and so does adding a little salt to your fruit dishes.
 Also, I find that eating in smaller portions at regular intervals helps during summer as the appetite goes for a toss and one does not feel really very hungry to consume large meals in one go. Consuming smaller portions at intervals also aids in weight loss and aids digestion.
6. Skin care.
Yeah, skin care is one really important aspect overall and especially in summer. 
The UV rays can do quite some damage to the skin and leave it burnt and tanned.
Exfoliate- Using scrubs and masks to exfoliate the skin is useful which helps in removing tan and dead skin.
Moisturize- Applying moisturizer to your body prevents skin from dehydrating.
Sunscreen- Applying sunscreen in summer to exposed body parts is important to prevent damage by UV rays. sun block creams with SPF of 15-30 are good enough but you can use an SPF of 45 too if you feel the need. ( My personal favourite are Lotus herbal sunscreens.)
Once you apply, after a while, you can reapply sunscreens if you feel the need to.
7. Lip care. Lips tend to be forgotten when it comes to summer care. They can get chapped and damaged faster since the skin layer is thinner. So applying a sunscreen over your lips or a chapstick, lip balm which has sunscreen factor in it can be useful. (Personal favourite- Maybelline baby lips with SPF 20) 
There you are!! Those were some of the tips to beat the summer heat. Hope you find them useful!
Happy Summer, keep glowing!
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