Hey everyone!!

In 2014, with all your love and support the Monsoon Fest was a super hit. ( More info- http://www.manasiwrites.com/p/blog-festival-2014.html )

In 2015, I have come up with the Summer Sizzle! Let’s rock it guys! It’s time for you to be featured on my blog!
Let’s take a look at what Sizzle is.
It’s a 12 day fest which will showcase the things you love the best- Stories and food!
The stories and recipes will be featured not by me but by YOU!  I spend enough of time writing and now is your chance to do so!
Food days– Will feature food, food and more food. If you love to cook just like I do, here is your chance to show your skills to the world!
               You can send me any sort of recipes which you have invented or come across till date.                       Remember the time you thought “Oh! I must share this one with my friends it’s too good” or               felt “Mom’s recipe is too good. Everyone should know about it!” Remember all those times                you felt that!
Now you can share it here so that the whole wide world knows! Whether it is an Indian dish or a dessert or anything under the sun, you are welcome to share it!
Send me any recipe which “you” have prepared, along with the photos of your dish and a photo of yourself. The best recipes will be featured on my blog.
Important criteria: The dish can be anything. Your choice.
                             I need the ingredients you used in your dish and the procedure how to prepare it.
                            Recipe has to be VEGETARIAN only ( Egg is fine since many desserts have eggs.). I don’t feature non-vegetarian recipes on my blog.

Email: manasiwrites@gmail.com
Story days– Stories Stories!
I am a story digger and I love to know what other people think or how other people’s lives are.  I will also be sharing some interviews of some super cool people, just like I did last time.
If you want to be creative and write a story which is fiction or maybe you’ve written a poem and want to share it- You are welcome to do so here!
If you want to share any interesting incident or happening going on in your life, or if you are at a very good position in your career and want to share about it or maybe you have had to struggle a lot and want to share it. Anything which is SIGNIFICANT enough will be shared on my blog.
So what are you waiting for, here is a chance to be featured on the internet and share anything you have always wanted to!
  Email: manasiwrites@gmail.com
DATES: Start Date: 20th May, 2015
               End Date:  31st May, 2015


All the entries should be in  ENGLISH ONLY, since we have INTERNATIONAL readers who read this blog.

Waiting for your entries! Keep them coming! Cheers!

Dream. Imagine, Be Crazy. Be You.
Au revoir!

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