Beauty and beyond

Today, we live in a world who judges us by our superficial appearances. We are constantly shown that being young is beautiful or being fair skinned and slim is. The society has stereotyped beauty into a superficial skin deep thing. For me, beauty is not just skin deep. Yes outer beauty is a great thing … Continue reading Beauty and beyond


Fashion sense simplified – choose your colours!

me Hey! So it's been a long time since I posted about fashion. If someone had told me few years back that I would be blogging occasionally about this genre, I wouldn't have believed them. Lol. I am not a fashionista per say, but I believe that a sense of style and clothing goes a … Continue reading Fashion sense simplified – choose your colours!

Summer Care tips. Beat the heat!

It's summer again. Whether you live in cities which have dry heat like Delhi, Bangalore or Pune or humid heat like Mumbai, Chennai or Goa, summer is in and we all need a few handy tips to beat the heat! Here are a few tips which may be handy- 1. Stay hydrated. Keep yourself hydrated … Continue reading Summer Care tips. Beat the heat!

Tips for glowing skin – Beauty Basics.

Whether you are a guy or a gal, working, studying or snoozing, one thing is common, We all want to look good. Looking good doesn't mean you need to imitate someone or be a supermodel. Looking good just means being the best version of yourself. When we feel good about ourselves, the confidence shows in … Continue reading Tips for glowing skin – Beauty Basics.

Fashion Frenzy!

Hello people!! This is the signing off post of the fashion week of my blog fest- Well quite a few people asked me what was my take on fashion, so umm here is what I have to say- Manasi Joshi (Me) "When we think fashion, we imagine parties or weddings or film-stars or models. We … Continue reading Fashion Frenzy!

Fitness & beauty mania!!

I woke up late on a sunday morning as usual...I got up & looked into the mirror....& like I always do...I started critising myself for being plump.. In the afternoon,as I switched on the television, I saw the ultimate size zero kareena kapoor sizzling away... & my inferiority complex increased double fold..!!! I tried finding … Continue reading Fitness & beauty mania!!