Rising like the Phoenix..

As we are towards the end of this year, let us take a moment to review how the year was. I guess everyone has had his or her own experiences of good and bad during the year. Personally for me, it was a tough year, where I went through many changes, ups and downs, highs … Continue reading Rising like the Phoenix..



There was an electric force when he entered As if sun shone in the room A few words exchanged between them But many remained unsaidA force of nature was he, Such strong was his persona that the wind changed it's direction Many things she told him but still many remained unsaid A knot in her … Continue reading Unsaid…

Two different worlds

 He looked at her and smiled one look into his smouldering eyes and her heart skipped a beat they never spoke much but for a reason unknown she felt connected to him  in ways she never fathomed. She thought he knew  how her heartbeat upon viewing him always went askew she thought he understood  how … Continue reading Two different worlds