Leap of faith- Starting a YouTube Channel.

Read to know how starting my own YouTube channel is a huge leap of faith. Read my blog to know more! 🙂

12 Inspirational Harry Potter Quotes of all time

Sharing 12 inspirational Harry Potter quotes to help you get through the year and further times to come. Stay inspired.

Water fear!!

"Swim you naughty girl!!" yelled the coach. I made a face at him. He again yelled the same thing. I made another face. "I will come there and pull your ears!" he said. I made a face again, but this time I made feeble attempts to swim. I was a kid.. maybe 10 or 11 … Continue reading Water fear!!

Prema’s Journey…

Hey everybody! Today we have a very special person with us. Meet Prema Malhotra.  Prema lives in the United States of America along with her family. She has two brothers. She is just like everyone of us. A slight difference is- Prema was adopted when she was a child. Prema has willingly agreed to open … Continue reading Prema’s Journey…

A Chat with Chirag!

chirag aggarwal Hello everybody! Today we have a very interesting person with us. His name is Chirag Aggarwal. He is a professional dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, singer and performer. A true artist in all ways. He has performed in innumerable shows, and led many Flash Mobs all over the country. He followed his dream of … Continue reading A Chat with Chirag!

What is fashion? – The gals speak!

MANASI JOSHI (ME) Hello all!  So let's start with the fashion week of the blog fest from today! Today, I have for you four amazing ladies who will speak what fashion means to them! Also at the end of the post, I have for you two amazing quotes on fashion. Let's get started, shall we??? … Continue reading What is fashion? – The gals speak!

Oh yeah! Soya!

Hey everybody! We have come towards the end of the food week! As a signing off post for this week I have for you a very delicious, healthy, easy to prepare soybean chunk recipe straight from my kitchen! Learn to make it in a jiffy and also learn what are the benefits of soybean! Peppered … Continue reading Oh yeah! Soya!