The Currency Ban and it’s aftermath

It was the evening of the 8th of November when the news of the ban of the Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes reached me. At first, I just laughed the thing off, thinking it was just another Whatsapp rumor or prank being played by someone. Later on, to my surprise, I actually read the official news … Continue reading The Currency Ban and it’s aftermath


Anna Hazare. Uprising 2011!

After years of slavery against the 'firangis' our country came together & fought for freedom & obtained it in 1947... But soon, we became slaves to corruption, & finally,after years of suffering, we are fighting to free ourselves from this monster in 2011... yes, this struggle isn't going to be easy....the time for the right … Continue reading Anna Hazare. Uprising 2011!

Government vs Ramdeo…

News channels, newspapers hoardings, protests..everything is buzzing with how baba ramdeo protested & how the government reacted.... after the ghastly incident which occured yesterday night, when baba & his followers, who were protesting in a non-violent, peaceful way, were attacked by 5 thousand policemen(or gundas???) ,who lathicharged heartlessly on baba & his followers, not sparing … Continue reading Government vs Ramdeo…