The Girl In the Rain..

It was a rainy evening She kept wandering through the streets Her mind kept jumping Her heart kept pumpingShe wallowed in sorrow For her heart had been shattered and she felt as if there was no tomorrow She wanted to scream She wanted to cry She wanted to die Because she was deeply wounded By … Continue reading The Girl In the Rain..

Dance With Chirag!

Last year, we all had a chat with this wonderfully talented and unique personality called Chirag Chirag Aggarwal Aggarwal who is a dancer, a dance trainer, choreographer, a zumba instructor, a singer and a pianist! Phew! So many talents in one person!  This year, I give you all another chance to get to know a … Continue reading Dance With Chirag!

A Chat with Chirag!

chirag aggarwal Hello everybody! Today we have a very interesting person with us. His name is Chirag Aggarwal. He is a professional dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, singer and performer. A true artist in all ways. He has performed in innumerable shows, and led many Flash Mobs all over the country. He followed his dream of … Continue reading A Chat with Chirag!

Finding our way.

                                                             PART 1 When I decided to pursue physiotherapy as a profession, I had absolutely no idea of what lay ahead of me. In the first … Continue reading Finding our way.